Gaboriau's sensational novels

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1885 - 12 pages
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Page 201 - The Story of the Diamond Necklace. By HENRY VIZETELLY. Illustrated with an exact representation of the Diamond Necklace, and a Portrait of the Countess de la Motte, engraved on steel. 2 vols. post 8vo, 25s.
Page 201 - UNDER THE NEW EMPIRE," *' PARIS IN PERIL," &c. Illustrated with an Exact Representation of the Diamond Necklace, from a Contemporary Drawing, and a Portrait of the Countess de la Motte, engraved on Steel. " Had the most daring of our sensational novelists put...
Page 166 - It is there that you will find your salvation! I hear it said every day: "We may suffer a defeat. What then will the Prussians do? Will they come to Paris?" No, not if Paris is in a state of respectable defence; if you prepare outposts from whence you could oppose a strong resistance; for then the enemy would fear to be pursued and surrounded by the remnants of the armies that he may have overcome, and be crushed by them as Samson was under the ruins of the temple he tore down.
Page 116 - ... people to her at this time, — the force of her intellect at once made itself felt, while at the same time the unaltered simplicity and modesty of her character, and her readiness and freshness of enthusiasm, kept her still almost like a child. She makes a flying visit to Paris, where she happens to be on the 14th of July, the anniversary of the storming of the Bastile, and of the beginning of the republic; she drives to Versailles, "that gorgeous shell of royalty, where the crowd who celebrate...
Page 128 - I ought to say something, but my tongue seemed to cleave to the roof of my mouth.
Page 99 - ... Frances heard no more, but fell lifeless in the chair behind her. The attention of her friends soon revived her, when the Captain, turning to the man, said, fearfully — " Surely Major Dunwoodie is unhurt?" " Never fear him," added the guide, disregarding the agitation of the family ; " they say a man who is born to be hanged will never be drowned : if a bullet could kill the Major, he would have been dead long ago.
Page 131 - ... move into, and there was no time to get it ready. When we drove up, I was a battleground of emotions. I could not help taking a little pride in our ownership of the place. I remember that as I stepped out of the car I thought, This is our own land! And there was a sense of miracle in the thought. It was the first time in my whole life that I had ever stepped foot on land to which I had clear title. My father and mother had been teachers, and we had moved constantly. They did not buy their first...
Page 201 - Crown 8vo, beautifully printed on toned paper, and handsomely bound, u'ilh gilt edges, price 7s. 6d., suitable in every way for a present, AN ILLUSTRATED EDITION OF M. GEORGES OHNET'S CELEBRATED NOVEL, THE IRONMASTER; OR, LOVE AND PRIDE.

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