A Record of the Expeditions Undertaken Against the North-west Frontier Tribes: Compiled from the Military and Political Despatches, Lieut.-Colonel McGregor's Gazetteer, and Other Official Sources

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Office of Superintendent of Government Printing, 1874 - India - 454 pages
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Page 159 - Islam,' the dictates of faith and worldly affairs, you ought by no means to neglect the opportunity. The infidels are extremely deceitful and treacherous, and will, by whatever means they can, come into these hills and declare to the people of the country that they have no concerns with them, that their quarrel is with the...
Page 2 - They consider retaliation and revenge to be the strongest of all obligations. They possess gallantry and courage themselves, and admire such qualities in others. Men of the same party will stand by one another in danger. To their minds hospitality is the first of virtues. Any person who can make his way into their dwellings will not only be safe, but will be kindly received. But as soon as he has left the roof of his entertainer, he may be robbed or killed. They are charitable to the indigent of...
Page 2 - Mahomedanism, as understood by them, is no better, or perhaps is actually worse, than the creeds of the wildest races on earth. In their eyes the one great commandment is blood for blood, and fire and sword for all infidels, that is, for all people not Muhammadans.
Page 224 - Ruthless, cowardly, robbery, cold-blooded, treacherous murder, are to an Afridi the salt of life. Brought up from his earliest childhood amid scenes of appalling treachery and merciless revenge, nothing can change him ; as he has lived, a shameless, cruel savage, so he dies.
Page 224 - The Afridis are a most avaricious race, desperately fond of money. Their fidelity is measured by the length of the purse of the seducer, and they transfer their obedience and support from one party to another of their own clansmen, according to the comparative liberality of the donation. ' At the turn of the century the Afridis were carrying on a handsome trade in rifles which were coming from the Mekran coast into tribal territory. Most of them were surplus guns which dated from the Boer War. Within...
Page 223 - Peshawar, at once denotes his mountain origin. They are lean but muscular men, with long, gaunt faces, high noses and cheek bones, and rather fair complexions.
Page 240 - Campbell has lost but 20 ; nor was there one bit of baggage taken by our enemies, though they are renowned for being the most daring and dexterous plunderers in the world. It is right that young military men should notice these facts, because they teach practically the vast power of discipline against which mountains and plains, and rivers, and jungles, all cease to be insuperable obstacles.
Page 18 - Shergurh they were in a confined narrow valley, encumbered with impedimenta, doublepoled tents, double sets of tents, doolies, palkies, and hundreds of camels ; in short, the column was equipped as if for an ordinary march and not for mountain warfare...
Page 109 - These attacks continued till 4 am, each becoming weaker than the last, and many of them being mere feints to enable them to carry off their dead and wounded. The post was at one time in great danger of being forced at its left front angle, which from its position was badly protected by our fire. The enemy clambered up, and assailing its occupants with stones from our breast-work, stunned and drove them back.
Page 159 - ... from Syad Amran and Ubaidula (commonly known as Maulvi Abdulla] to the address of Ahmad Khan of Bugra. AFTER COMPLIMENTS : A large force of the infidels has arrived at Salim Khan, Yar Husain, and Shekh Jana with the object of plundering this country. It is therefore incumbent on you, immediately on receipt of this letter, to gird your waist and proceed to Chamla, and, after issuing notices to the other allies, prepare and bring them up with yourself. We are posted in strength on the crest of...

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