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Bar none, "Don't Pop Your Cork on Monday's, by Adolp Moyer has been my finest "go to book" for my psychology patients and my own children for the past 30 yrs. Bc of its length, I've read it in 3 parts esp to preschool children. ALL ages NEED to SEE, then NEVER forget, the clever illustrations which are inextricably linked to make this book experience so powerful and UNFORGETTABLE ! In this small treasure, Dr. Moyer defines good and bad stress, how to identifying stress in ourselves and others, and when to "lie low." The situations are real but hilarious. Then, Dr. Moyer takes his readers to beautiful places with useful de-stressing techniques. Over the years, I've used Dr. Moyer'. books with preschoolers through senior professionals! The attorneys were often the most initially resistant, then its greatest advocate! One attorney/Partner bought a copy for all of his staff at Christmas. He would periodically "test" his staff and say, e.g., "duck," and his staff present would put their hands over their bellies and take deep breaths! Then all laughed. Interestingly, stress levels in office went way down while productivity levels noticibly increaced!
Dr Moyer's others books on emotions were also excellent. E.g., one Lilly's boy with major anger problems would carry the "Monster" against his chest, and would repeat, "I don't want to let the monster out...!" There were some children who experienced severe grief. Dr. Moyer's book on Grief helped the child and the entire family! --in many cases! Reading this this a small group of children is a gentle way to get them to learn and talk about their grief! (And how some had "stuffed" their grief and their feelings were coming out often as anger and behavior.
Dear Dr. Moyer and your creative illustrator, THANK YOU!!!
From a grateful colleague and thousands of "non cork poppers,
Dr. Teresa A. Upton, Ph.D. *** (I wish these books could be reprinted at a lower more affordable price.

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