Fiza'ya: psyche of the Pakistan Air Force

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Society for Aerospace Studies, 1991 - 207 pages

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About The Authors:
Pushpindar Singh
Pushpindar Singh is an Indian Aviation analyst and writer of several books related to Indian aviation .One of his famous book among various is History of Aviation
in India.
Ravi Rikhye
Ravi Rikhye is a famous writer of Indian military whose famous books are The Fourth Round: Indo-Pak war in 1984, The War That Never Was. He had an eye on Pakistan’s Nuclear Program for 20 years.
Peter Steinemann:
Born in Basle, Switzerland, who served for Swiss Military as a fighter pilot.Peter Steinemann is a world renown aviation photographer who had the opportunity to visit over 50 air forces on all six continents and fly in more than 100 different aircraft types to take the air-to-air images
The Indian defense analysts and writers are well known by their hate for the Pakistan. Most of their analysis and writings are propagated to lead down Pakistan Armed forces.
However this piece of writing “FIZA’YA” is a blend of different thoughts about Pakistan Air Force which appreciate as well as criticized. The most important aspect is that the author did not involve the IAF for any information. The Author analyzed the role of Pakistan Air Force for their country which shows how PAF is striving for the defense of Pakistan.
The author used explanation and analysis to present his subject and to clarify his ideas.
Starting from 1947 to 1990 an interesting narration of events can be seen in this book.
The book FIZA’YA starts from the detailed and brief introduction of PAF standards and strength after the independence of Pakistan “14 August 1947” .The writer considered the period from 1947 to 1965 as formative years of PAF as there were only few aircrafts and limited pilots.
A twist of flavor can be seen in the II part of the book” The 1965 War Action And Zenith”.The writer seems to first accepting the glorious victory of PAF over IAF but at the same time considering the incident of Sargodha as a “MYTH’ the achievement of MM Alam is a false tale according to the author by defending the IAF claims and considering the PAF claims a FAKE by providing the versions of the losses by the both country.
Pushpindar Singh in his many books accepted the 1 and 2 strikes losses over sargodha but never considered the third strike as it failed to locate the target according to IAF.
At some stages the author tried to prove IAF as a true saint and confirming its claims.In some areas he also declared A Major Strategic Failure of PAF in-counter air strikes but at the end of II part he highlighted the Reasons for the PAF success .The author tried to prove that the success of PAF in 1965 is just because of USAF and only because of USAF guidance and latest weapons like AAMs ,Side winders .
IAF failure according to the author was because of lack of skills and non experienced pilots. “We cannot deny, when the results of the IAF’s 33 strikes at Sargodha are viewed against the results of PAF’s 18-odd strikes at Kalaikunda and Pathankot,that the IAF pilots, equally brave, were simply not skillful enough” .
Another reason the author mentioned about the failure of IAF was Radar coverage which was not built at that time.
The part III of the book highlighted the events of 1971 war. The Author believes that the PAF failure in 1971 was because of lack of coordination of the ground forces with the PAF. This part totally is in a favor of IAF where as PAF considered as a failed force.
The part IV is about the outcomes of the 1971 war as PAF was realized its mistake on depending on USA who failed to help Pakistan.
The closing parts of this book is dedicated to the improvement and advancement of the Pakistan Air Force and the deals made among China America and Pakistan.
The author tried to balance the lacks and qualities of both forces i.e PAF and IAF.
While reading this book sometimes I feel that the author highlighted the great success of PAF in 1965 war but at the same time a defendable comments for IAF can be noticed.
Overall this book is quite fair as compared to

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Fiza'ya: psyche of Pakistan Air Force is a complete account of PAF' s tale of zenith and nadir throughout the history from 1947 to 1991.


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