SCATTERED AMONG THE PEOPLES: The Jewish Diaspora in Twelve Portraits

Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

A fluent recounting of eight centuries in the life of a people "blessed with a special burden."Those centuries, writes Canadian historian Levine, were largely marked by bad news, by episodes of exile and terror, beginning with the stripping away of civil rights and eventual expulsion of the Sephardic Jews following the Christian reconquest of Moorish Spain and ending with the Soviet campaign of ... Read full review


Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

Manufactured mythology, from the author of White as Snow (2000), etc.Queen Hetsa's daughter by the Sun King, Akreon, is born with no feet, so she tells the king that the child died, and surreptitiously consigns the infant to the death god. Miraculously, the child survives Thon's merciless initiation rites and eventually learns to move on crutches. Later, after Akreon dies, Udrombis the Sun Consort ... Read full review

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