Reflections on The Revolution in France: (Annotated Edition)

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Independently Published, 12 lis 2020 - 106
Reflections on the Revolution in France is a political pamphlet, published in 1790. It was written by Edmund Burke, who offers a strong criticism of the French Revolution. His pamphlet is a response to those who agreed with the revolution and saw it as representing a new era of liberty and equality.Burke wrote this text in the early stages of the Revolution, before it had descended into violence. However, Burke perceptively predicts that it would head in a violent direction. He believed that the unorganized nature of this Revolution, based on a vague concept of liberty, would lead to disagreement and chaos. Burke takes issues with the concept of "liberty" as it is understood by supporters of the French Revolution. Burke is an advocate of conservatism, meaning he believes changes ought to be gradual, over long periods of time. As such, he is against the idea that liberty can arise from a short-term upheaval of society, as supporters of the Revolution posit.

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