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User Review  - meandmybooks - LibraryThing

I'm surprised that I haven't commented on this one after a previous reading, as it's one of my very favorites. Though I'll admit that the Claudio/Hero plot is pretty infuriating, Beatrice and Benedick ... Read full review

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User Review  - antao - LibraryThing

The Things and the Nothings: "Much Ado About Nothing" by William Shakespeare, Sylvan Barnet, David L. Stevenson Published 1989.     NB: Read in tandem with the Branagh, Whedon and BBC’s versions. This ... Read full review

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User Review  - KeriLynneD - LibraryThing

I enjoyed this more than I thought I would, maybe because I read the modern translation of it. It really made the story easier to understand. I think the part I liked the most was Benedick and Beatrice's relationship. It brought some very much needed humor to the play. Read full review

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User Review  - MartinBodek - LibraryThing

By my troth, 'twas I indeed That, marry, hath enjoyed much It filleth in me the need To enjoyeth puns and such Romantics of wordplayers Was virginal territory Through the speakers and the sayers of ... Read full review

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User Review  - AliceAnna - LibraryThing

A weak story saved by the bickering of Beatrix and Benedick. Their relationship and the scheme to get together was definitely the highlight of the play. Read full review

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User Review  - N.T.Embe - LibraryThing

There are some people that absolutely worship Shakespeare as an absolute genius of his time, and therefore find him immortalized for all of time. Personally, I love his work, and at the time time, I ... Read full review

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This book is about a play by Shakespeare this is not recommended to be red by young readers. This book is about relationships and haw peoples opinions on others can change over time. I think that this book is about haw one man can change others opinions on each other.

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In the inability to elude love, a story of courage fashioned from the earliest printed text in 1600, this adaptation is right on the mark. It is in the unfolding of the scrutinization of love hat keeps the reader intrigued to find out how it all ends. A comedy dramatique in which performance outdoes improper pronunciations as Shakespeares language is difficult for some to hear and repeat let alone read and comprehend.
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User Review  - areadingmachine - LibraryThing

Love this play and love the rapport and verbal sparring between Benedict and Beatrice almost more than anything other Shakespearean dialogue Read full review

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User Review  - Emelymac - LibraryThing

My favorite love story and my favorite Shakespeare. I love the relationship between Beatrice and Benedick. Read full review

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