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I cannot recommend this audio book. It was really long (23 Discs) and it was mostly depositions from trial documents. It was interesting just the same, and I still may purchase the dead tree version ... Read full review

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By the end of the book, I felt that although this is a righteous cause, AIM is the wrong group of people. What bothered me, what made me distrust Matthiessen, is that at several points he was rather ... Read full review

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I find it appalling that Peter Matthiessen would invoke the name of Crazy Horse in this scenario. Mr. Matthiessen obviously had a very easy time writing this book because it is pretty much word for word what the Peltier Defense Committee has been screaming since 1975. This is absolute propaganda and an insult to the intelligence of the readers. I get it that Mr. Matthiessen is on Peltier's side but at least TRY to be objective about it and at least try to write a book that just puts the info on the table and allows the readers to make their own decision about the contents. Rather than doing this, he omits anything that might possibly place Peltier in a negative light. Which given Peltier's history is a major undertaking. Don't waste your time or money on this one. 

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