The Laws of Auction as Adopted by the Whist Club, Together with the Etiquette of the Game

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Scribner Press, 1915 - Auction bridge - 40 pages
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Page 28 - Any card dropped with its face upward on the table, even though snatched up so quickly that it cannot be named; 3d.
Page 39 - If a player demand that the cards be placed, he should do so for his own information, and not to call his partner's attention to any card or play.
Page 30 - ... fail to play as directed, or if, when called on to lead one suit he lead another, having in his hand one or more cards of the suit demanded (Laws...
Page 23 - ... three clubs" is higher than "two spades" doubled or redoubled. 56. Any declaration may be doubled and redoubled once, but not more ; a player may not double his partner's declaration, nor redouble his partner's double, but he may redouble a declaration of his partner which has been doubled by an adversary.
Page 33 - Is when a player, holding one or more cards of the suit led, plays a card of a different suit.
Page 34 - ... revoke, and the error may be corrected, unless the question be answered in the negative, or unless the revoking player or his partner have led or played to the following trick.
Page 38 - While a bystander, by agreement among the players, may decide any question, he should not say anything unless appealed to ; and if he make any remark which calls attention to an oversight affecting the score, or to the exaction of a penalty, he is liable to be called upon by the players to pay the stakes (not extras) lost.
Page 10 - A proven error in the honor score may be corrected at any time before the score of the rubber has been made up and agreed upon. 13.
Page 19 - Honor column 50 points for each under-trick (ie, each trick short of the number declared). If the declaration be doubled, the Adversaries score 100 points; if re-doubled, 200 points for each under-trick. 49. If a Player make a declaration (other than passing) out of turn, either Adversary may demand a new deal, may treat such declaration as void, or may allow such declaration to stand.

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