Only Demons Walk Beside Us

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Touching the Abyss exists in a parallel reality of the Earth we know. The places and the people look and act the same, but those dark places that scare and frighten us are much clearer, and the monsters that lurk in the dark are very real. Humans broker deals with demons for power and love. But what happens when a human has a change of heart?

In a world absent the presence of angels, where only demons walk alongside us, is there anyone that can save us?

From the darkness come demon hunters, mages, and others that dedicate their lives as bulwarks against what lurks in the shadows. Here in are the tales of those who have touched the abyss. 

Chapter 1 - The 8 of Swords: 

The immortal Aes Sidhe are dying, cursed for causing the original sin.

Mankind was their downfall. Mankind will be their salvation.

Moira was chosen by the Sidhe council to cross the veil and save their people. Her heart is full of hope. She dreams of love in a life beyond gaia’s reflection among humanity. But the human world is not the stuff of children’s tales.

Infernal beings, demons, and wrathful spirits roam. Sin has seeped into the souls of man.

Moira steps beyond the gateway to a shattered world.

Can she fulfill her mission to save the fae? Or will she succumb to the dark forces that seek to ensnare and destroy her?

Chapter 2 - The Devil: 

Danger has always been a part of Jie's work as a demon hunter. From generation to generation, the mantle has passed on from mother to daughter. A calling tied to their bloodline that grants them power over darkness, a sacred blessing for the betterment of mankind. But something new is stirring in the shadows and hunting Jie in the streets of Philadelphia.

What do these American Demons want from Jie and her daughter, Lisa? 

Chapter 3 - The Lovers: 

When a priest turns up at Caitlin's door with a demon in pursuit, she must decide to help him or leave him to his fate. What does the demon know about what Caitlin wants and who is this woman they keep referencing? Why does the priest have a demon claiming a contract with him? 

Love, death, and sacrifice collide in The Lovers. 


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