The Building Law of the City and County of San Francisco for 1906

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Board of Public Works, 1906 - Building laws - 112 pages
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Page 53 - All that portion of the stage not comprised in the working of scenery, traps and other mechanical apparatus, for the presentation of a scene, usually equal to the width of the proscenium opening, shall be built of Iron or steel beams filled in between with fireproof material, and all girders for the support of said beams shall be of wrought iron or rolled steel.
Page 73 - Walls heretofore built for or used as party walls, whose thickness at the time of their erection was in accordance with the requirements of the then existing laws, but which are...
Page 49 - A common place of exit and entrance may serve for the main floor of the auditorium and the first gallery, provided its capacity be equal to the aggregate capacity of the outlets from the main floor and said gallery.
Page 75 - The walls and piers of all buildings shall be properly and solidly bonded together with close joints filled with mortar. They shall be built to a line and be carried up plumb and straight. The walls of each story shall be built up the full thickness to the top of the beams above. All brick laid in non-freezing weather shall be well wet before being laid.
Page 47 - There shall be balconies not less than four feet in width in the said open court or courts at each level or tier above the parquet, on each side of the auditorium, of sufficient length to embrace the two exits, and from said balconies there shall be staircases extending to the ground level, with a rise of not over eight and one-half inches to a step, and not less than nine inches tread exclusive of the nosing.
Page 29 - Temporary Supports.) Every temporary support placed under any structure, wall, girder or beam, during the erection, finishing, alteration, or repairing of any building or structure or any part thereof, shall be of sufficient strength to safely carry the load to be placed thereon.
Page 55 - ... each side of the proscenium opening and on the ceiling or roof over the stage at such intervals as will protect every square foot of stage surface when said sprinklers are in operation. Automatic sprinklers shall also be placed, wherever practicable, in the dressing rooms under the stage and in the carpenter shop, paint rooms, store rooms and property room.
Page 51 - ... and the entire main floor of the auditorium and vestibule, also the entire floor of the second story of the front superstructure over the entrance, lobby and corridors, and all galleries and...
Page 53 - Department and shall be kept constantly filled with water by means of an automatic power pump or pumps, of sufficient capacity to supply all the lines of hose when operated simultaneously; and said pump or pumps shall be supplied from the street main and be ready for immediate use at all times during a performance in said building.
Page 89 - ... and the top of all heating furnaces set in brick shall be covered with brick, supported by iron bars, and so constructed as to be perfectly tight ; said covering to be in addition to and not less than six inches from the ordinary covering to the hot air chamber.

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