History of the Oregon Territory and British North-America Fur Trade: With an Account of the Habits and Customs of the Principal Native Tribes on the Northern Continent

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Edwards and Hughes, 1844 - Fur trade - 359 pages

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Page 143 - bark. The partitions in the houses are intended to separate different families. Around the fireplace mats are spread, and serve as seats by day, and frequently as beds at night: there is, however, a more permanent bed made, by fixing in two, or sometimes three, sides of a room, posts reaching from the
Page 307 - Among the American ships which traded along the north-west coast, in 1792, was the Columbia, Captain Gray, of Boston. In the course of her voyage, she discovered the mouth of a large river, in latitude 46" 19' north. Entering it, with some difficulty, on account of sand-bars, and breakers, she came to anchor in a spacious bay
Page 52 - of their ancestors; being full of anecdote and song, and ever ready for the dance. They inherit, too, a fund of civility and complaisance : and instead of that hardness and grossness which men in laborious life are apt to indulge towards each other, they are
Page 228 - of more harm than advantage. Being owned by private adventurers, or casual voyagers, who cared only for present profit, and had no interest in the permanent prosperity of the trade, they were reckless in their dealings with the natives, and made no scruple of supplying them with fire-arms.
Page 103 - On the watery calm His brooding wings the Spirit of God outspread, And vital virtue infused, and vital warmth, Throughout the fluid mass.
Page 55 - by the villages with whoop and halloo, so as to make the honest Dutch farmers mistake them for a crew of savages. In this way they swept in full song, and with regular flourish of the paddle, round New York, in a still summer evening, to the
Page 51 - employed by the early French merchants in their trading expeditions through the labyrinth of rivers and lakes of the boundless interior. They were coeval with the coureurs des bois, or rangers of the woods, already noticed, and like them, in the intervals of their long
Page 135 - over it; it is pressed down by cords, which pass through holes on each side of the trough. As the tightening of the padding, and the pressing of the head to the board, is gradual, the process is said not to be attended with much pain. The appearance of the infant, however, while under it, is shocking : its little black eyes
Page 143 - In short, they are like berths in a ship. The uncured fish is hung in the smoke of their fires; as is also the flesh of the elk when they are fortunate enough to procure any. Their culinary articles consist of a large square kettle, made of cedar wood, a few platters
Page 228 - into the vicinity of the Russian- Fur Company, and produce a hostile rivalry; it was part of the plan of Mr. Astor, to conciliate the good-will of that company, by the most amicable and beneficial arrangements. The Russian establishment was chiefly dependent for its supplies,

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