Appleton's General Guide to the United States and Canada: New England and middle states and Canada

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D. Appleton and Company, 1879 - Canada
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Page 261 - Quebec is so justly celebrated, and which is unsurpassed in any part of the world. The Proprietors, in returning thanks for the very liberal patronage they have hitherto enjoyed, inform the public that this Hotel has been thoroughly renovated and embellished, and can now accommodate about 500 visitors ; and assure them that nothing will be wanting on their part that will conduce to the comfort and enjoyment of their guesta.
Page 48 - ... The Aqueduct, by which the waters of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal are carried across the Potomac, is worth inspecting. 15 miles below Washington is Mount Vernon on the Virginia side of the Potomac, then known as the "Hunting Creek estate," was bequeathed by Augustine Washington, who died in 1743, to Lawrence Washington. The latter named it after Admiral Vernon, under whom he had served in the Spanish wars. George Washington inherited the estate in 1752. The central part of the mansion, which...
Page 96 - ... boldly the great northeastern peaks of the White Mountain range — Jefferson, Adams, and Madison — with their ragged tops of loose dark rocks. A little farther to the east are seen the numerous and distant summits of the mountains of Maine. On the southeast, close at hand, are the dark and crowded ridges of the mountains of Jackson ; and beyond, the conical summit of...
Page 258 - Appletons' Dictionary of New York and Vicinity. A Guide on a New Plan; being an alphabetically arranged Index to all Places, Societies, Institutions, Amusements, and innumerable matters upon which information is daily needed. With Maps of New York and Vicinity. Square 12ino.
Page 258 - Appletons' European Guide-book. Containing Maps of the Various Political Divisions, and Plans of the Principal Cities. Being a Complete Guide to the Continent of Europe, Egypt, Algeria, and the Holy Land. To which are appended a Vocabulary of Travel-talk — in English, German, French, and Italian — an Hotel Appendix, and Specialties of European Cities. Completely revised and corrected each year. In two volumes, morocco. Price, $5.00. Appletons' General Guide to the United States and Canada.
Page 199 - a broad sheet of water, so placid and limpid that it resembled a bed of the pure mountain atmosphere compressed into a setting of hills and woods. Nothing is wanted but ruined castles and recollections, to raise it to the level of the Rhine.
Page 89 - The month of June is also more favorable to the lover of nature than the later summer months, because then the air is usually clear and balmy, and the fresh colors of the northern forests appear in their best estate. " From the middle of June to the middle of July foliage is more fresh; the cloud scenery is nobler; the meadow grass has a more golden color; the streams are usually more full and musical; and there is a larger proportion of tha 'long light...
Page 92 - ... the finest views obtainable in this direction. "From the village of Jefferson, through which this Cherry Mountain road runs, not only is every one of the great White Mountain group visible, but also the Franconia Mountains, the side of the Willey Mountain, in the Notch, the line of the nearer Green Mountains beyond the Connecticut — in fact, a panorama of hills to the northwest and north, almost as fine as the prospect in that direction from the summit of Mt. Washington.
Page 128 - ... adjacent, for the quiet beauty of a village which sleeps along a level plain, just under the rim of hills. If you wish to be filled and satisfied with the serenest delight, ride to the summit of this encircling hill-ridge, in a summer's afternoon, while the sun is but an hour high. The Housatonic winds, in great circuits, all through the valley, carrying willows and alders with it wherever it goes. The horizon, on every side, is piled and terraced with mountains. Abrupt and isolated mountains...
Page 255 - These Steamers are built of iron, in water-tight compartments, and are furnished with every requisite to make the passage across the Atlantic both safe and agreeable, having Bath-room, Smoking-room, Drawingroom, Piano, and Library ; also, experienced Surgeon, Stewardess, and Caterer, on each Steamer. The State-rooms are all on Upper Deck, thus insuring those greatest of all luxuries at sea, perfect Ventilation and Light.

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