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Company and special agent of JEtna. Life Insurance Company of Hartford, Connecticut. He was later instructor at the State Reform School at Westboro, Massachusetts, and after that assistant principal of the old Tockwotton Reform School at Providence, Rhode Island. He resigned that position to accept a position as assistant principal of the "House of Refuge for Juvenile Delinquents" at Randall's Island, New York, which position he held for several years, later taking up the occupation of general sales broker. He was of exemplary public spirit and took a keen interest in public affairs. He joined the Congregational church at Colchester when a young man, later uniting with the Union Congregational Church of Providence, Rhode Island, and always served the church loyally and faithfully. In politics he was a staunch Republican.

He married, at East Providence, Rhode Island, December 15, 1874, Eleanora Sinclair, daughter of Edward Scott and Susan Bushee (Hood-West) Rhodes, both branches being among the oldest of New England families (see Rhodes VI). He died at Providence, of gastric ulcers, June 29, 1899, aged fifty-eight years and twenty-one days. He had one son, Ernest Le Grand, mentioned below.

(X) Ernest Le Grand, son of Daniel Henry Sprague, was born at "Woodward Villa," East Providence, Rhode Island, December 22, 1876. He received a common school education, graduating from the Bridgham grammar school in the class of 1892, and from the classical department of the Providence high school in the class of 1896. He was elected page in the house of representatives of the Rhode Island general assembly and served 1891-1894; in the senate, 1894-1896; clerk in the office of the secretary of state, 1894-1909, and has been assistant secretary of state since September, 1909, and deputy.

Though one of the younger men in age, though not in time, in public service at the capitol, he has proved himself a most capable and efficient man and has won the friendship and esteem of men in public life, regardless of politics, throughout the state. He resides on the west shore of the Providence river, in Edgewood, city of Cranston. In politics he is a Republican. He is a past master of Orpheus Lodge, No. 36. Ancient Free and Accepted Masons; member of the Past Masters' Association. Ancient Free and Accepted Masons; past commander of General A. E. Burnside Camp, No. 5, Division of Rhode Island, Sons of Veterans, United States of America; vicepresident of Past Commanders' Association, Sons of Veterans, United States of America; member of the British Club of Rhode Island;

Edgewood Yacht Club; Edgewood Tennis Club; Arion Club of Providence, and has served as a member of the Third Division, Rhode Island Naval Battalion, Rhode Island Militia. He sang for twelve years in several churches in Providence.

He married, at Providence, November 19, 1903, Magdalene, daughter of Andrew and Ada (Wagner) Dickhaut, of Providence. They have one daughter, Marjory Rhodes Sprague, born August 14, 1908, at Providence.

(The Rhodes Line).

(II) Children of John Rhodes (q. v.): Zachary, born November 5, 1687; Mercy, November 20, 1689; John, November 20, 1691, of Warwick; Joseph, September 25, 1693, of Providence; William, mentioned below; Phebe, November 30, 1698; Resolved, May 22, 1702; Wait, December 16, 1703.

(III) Captain William Rhodes, son of John Rhodes, was born at Providence, Rhode Island, July 14, 1695, died November 11, 1772. His will was dated November 25, 1772, mentioning sons William, Joseph and Nehemiah. He owned a farm in Scituate, Rhode Island. He was deputy to the general assembly, 173135-37, and assistant 1745-46-47. He married, December 18, 1721, Mary, daughter of Nehemiah and Rachel (Mann) Sheldon. Children, born at Providence: Wait or Waitstill, at

Warwick, February 8, 1722, married

Corliss; William, August 26, 1725; Joseph, March 15, 1728; Nehemiah, mentioned below; Eunice, December 13, 1741.

(IV) Nehemiah, son of Captain William Rhodes, was born at Providence, Rhode Island, August 9, 1731, died January 22, 1801. He

married Abigail , who died June 12,

1800. Among their children was William Nehemiah, mentioned below.

(V) William Nehemiah, son of Nehemiah Rhodes, was born December 29, 1768. He married (first) October 3,1793, Betsey, daughter of Captain William Rhodes. She died October 30, 1795. He married (second) March 1, 1796, Mary Throop Cushing, born December 9, 1775, died April 3, 1850. Children of second wife, born at North Providence, except eldest: Edward Scott, mentioned below; Mary Joanna, February 6, 1799; Amos Jenckes, August 6, 1800, died March 13, 1832; William Nehemiah, March 2, 1803, died January 19, 1848; Freelove Crawford, June 3, 1807, died February 21, 1811; Ebenezer Albert, August 31, 1813, died June 21, 1830; Charles Wilde, July 4, 1820, died at sea, November 11, 1840.

(VI) Edward Scott, son of William Nehemiah Rhodes, was born at Providence, Rhode Island, May 12, 1797, died June 18, 1870. He married (first) Sally Ann Winsor, (second) Eliza Lapham, who died in 1831, aged thirtythree years. He married (third) Susan Bushee (Hood) West, born February 8, 1805, died March 17, 1881, widow of Enoch West, daughter of Noble and Sarah (Bushee) Hood. He had by his first wife two children, one by his second wife. Children by third wife: Edward Scott Jr.; Isadora Waterman, died aged two years; Isadora Bliss, died aged two years; Susan, died aged two years; Eleanora Sinclair, born March 5, 1843, married, December 15, 1874. Daniel Henry Sprague (see Sprague IX); Thomas Kendall Newhall, born 1846, died 185 1.

Edward Poole, the immigrant anPOOLE cestor, came from Weymouth,

England, in 1635, to America. He was a fugitive from the religious persecutions in England. He settled in Weymouth, Massachusetts, where he resided the remainder of his life. He was born in 1609, died in 1664.

He married Sarah . Children: Samuel,

Isaac. Joseph, mentioned below; Benjamin, John, Sarah, Jacob.

(II) Joseph, son of Edward Poole, lived in Weymouth, Massachusetts, where he was the original owner of the second saw mill, near Little Comfort, on the Hersey river, erected in 1700. He owned a large amount of land. He died in 1706. He married (first) Elizabeth . and (second) Mary . Children: Four daughters : Joseph, lived in Abington Center; Isaac, lived in South Bridgewater, where he died in 1759; Samuel, mentioned below: two other children.

(III) Hon. Samuel Poole, son of Joseph Poole, was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts, in 1690, died at South Abington, Massachusetts, in 1785. He was one of the original settlers of Abington, before its incorporation in 1711, and for six years, 1718-24, was selectman. In 1735 he was chosen as the first representative from Abington to the general court, and held that office for several years. He was much respected in the town. On August 22, 1749. he was moderator of the church meeting called to elect the pastor. He was one of the agents appointed by the town on April 19, 1727, to meet the committee appointed by the general court to view the town in order to take off the petitioners of the east part of the town and to offer the reason they shall agree upon, why the town is not willing they should be set off. He married Sarah, daughter of Lieutenant Jacob and Abigail (Dyer) Nash, of Weymouth. Lieutenant Jacob Nash was son of Captain James Nash. Abigail Dyer was daugh

ter of Hon. Thomas and Alice (Read) Dyer; Alice Read was daughter of Hon. William Read. These men all served as representatives to the general court and were among the founders of Weymouth. Sarah (Nash) Poole was born June 7, 1688, at Weymouth. Children: Elizabeth, born 1711; Samuel, mentioned below; Joseph, 1716; Sarah, 1718.

(IV) Hon. Samuel (2) Poole, son of Hon. Samuel (1) Poole, was born at Abington, Massachusetts, September 18, 1713, died April 28, 1795 or 1796, at Plainfield, Massachusetts. He was made a deacon of the Congregational church at Abington on August 16, 1750. For six years, 1758-64. he served as selectman. In 1765, 1776, 1779 and 1780, he was representative to the general court. In 1779 he was a member of the first state constitutional committee, and he was chairman of the first public meeting called by the town, March 10, 1770, to denounce and resist the British. He was on the committee which drew up the famous votes of resolution called the "Noble Resolves," passed by the town, March 19, 1770. He was a member of the committee of safety and correspondence. He moved to Plainfield, Massachusetts, where he was one of the founders of the Congregational church, in 1793. He married, November, 1733, Rebecca, daughtei of Deacon Joshua Shaw, of Abington. Deacon Joshua Shaw was son of Nicholas and Deborah Shaw; Nicholas was son of John and Alice (Phillips) Shaw ; John was son of Abraham Shaw, of Weymouth. Alice Phillips was daughter of Nicholas Phillips, of Weymouth. Children: Joshua, born 1734; Samuel, mentioned below; Joseph, 1739; Jacob, 1740; Rebecca, 1743; Asa, 1745; Achish, 1746; Oliver, 1748; Abijah, 1753; Jeptha, 1756; four others, who died young.

(V) Lieutenant Samuel (3) Poole, son of Hon. Samuel (2) Poole, was born August 27, 1736, in Abington, Massachusetts, died December 9, 1830, at Easton, Massachusetts. He served as a private in the French and Indian wars, and as a lieutenant in the revolution, in Captain Abial Pierce's company, Colonel Nicholas Dike's regiment, for five years, made lieutenant, August 30, 1776. He was a deacon in the Congregational church at Easton and was a delegate to the two church councils. He married, 1759, Ruth, daughter of John and Ruth (Sampson) Fullerton. John Fullerton was son of Alexander and Mary Fullerton; Alexander was son of John Fullerton, who came from England to Boston or vicinity about 1635. Ruth Sampson, wife of John Fullerton, was daughter of George and Elizabeth Sampson; George was son of Abraham Sampson, who married a daughter of Lieutenant Samuel Nash, a representative to the general court and marshal of Plymouth colony; Abraham Sampson was a brother of Henry Sampson. He was a passenger on the "Mayflower." Samuel Poole had ten children, among whom was Samuel, mentioned below, and John, mentioned below.

( VI) Samuel (4), son of Lieutenant Samuel (3) Poole, was born in Abington, Massachusetts. 1765, died December, 1850, at Minot, Maine, where he had resided many years of his life. He married (first) March 2, 1786, Abigail Porter, of Bridgewater, who was born 1763, daughter of Samuel and Ruth (Reed)

Porter. He married (second) Mary .

He married (third) Delfina Millett. Children by first wife: James, David, Samuel Porter, mentioned below; Abigail, Hannah.

(VII) Samuel Porter, son of Samuel (4) Poole, was born at Minot, Maine, April 23, 1790, died in Gray, Maine, July, 1879. He was a soldier in the war of 1812. He was a ship and house carpenter by trade. He married, in Minot, October 10, 1810, Betsey Perkins, born May 29, 1789, at North Bridgewater, Massachusetts (see Perkins). Children, born in Minot, Maine: 1. Oliver, born June 19. 1811, died September 6, 1814. 2. Sidney Perkins, born September 18, 1813, died July 17. 1854; served in the Florida war; married, 1846. Frances Ferris. 3. Oliver, born August 23, 1815. died August, 1819. 4. Sarah W., born September 18, 1817, died January 8, 1904; married, in Boston. 1844, Henry Harrington, of South Boston, who died October 21, 1895, in Everett, at his son's home; child, Henry Loring, born July 23, 1846, in South Boston, works at West End Gas Company on West Street. 5. Eliza Jane, born October 23, 1820. died August 3, 1898; married, in Auburn, Maine, July, 1842, John W. Webster, of Gray, Maine; he died September 9, 1886, at Gray, Maine. 6. Anna Snow, born October 29, 1822, died in New Gloucester, Maine, March 29, 1869; married, in Minot, October 3, 1848. Lorenzo Dow White, of New Gloucester. 7. Nahum Augustus, mentioned below.

(VIII) Nahum Augustus, son of Samuel Porter Poole, was born January 28, 1824, and is still living, 1912. He was a shoemaker by trade in early life, and later settled on a farm in Gray, Maine, where he is still living. He married there, March, 1846, Sarah Sanders Morse. She was born June 10, 1826, in Gray, died there, July 3. 1892. Children, two born in Auburn and Minot, Maine, three in Gray, Maine: 1. Horace Augustus, mentioned below. 2. Joseph Morse, born November 7, 1849; married Clara Hartshorn, of Guildhall,

Vermont. 3. Alva Packard, mentioned below. 4. Sarah A., born November 9, 1854; married Oziah M. Goff, of Gray, Maine. 5. Isadora, married David W. Alden, of Brockton, and had Harry L., born at Brockton, October 26, 1888.

(IX) Horace Augustus, son of Nahum Augustus Poole, was born March 5, 1848, at Minot. Maine. His early youth was spent in Gray, Maine, whether his parents removed from Minot, and here he attended the public schools. In 1870 he came to what is now Brockton, Massachusetts, then North Bridgewater. He had learned the trade of shoemaker in Auburn, Maine. He followed his trade as a journeyman and afterward as foreman and finally engaged in business as a shoe manufacturer. In 1890 he retired from business as a manufacturer and engaged in the real estate and insurance business, which he has since followed with much success. He is a member of the Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons; of Montello Lodge, Knights of Pythias; and Massasoit Lodge, Independent Order of Odd Fellows. In politics he is a prominent Republican. He was for two years, 1892-93, a member of the city council of Brockton, and in 1894 was an alderman. He is a member of the Brockton Board of Trade, of which he was for three years vice-president, for three years president and at present the treasurer. He attends the Universalist church. He is secretary of the Benefit Association of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and treasurer of the death benefit, and chairman of the investment and securities committee of the Co-operative Bank of Brockton. He married, April 30. 1871, in Lynn, Massachusetts, Georgiana, daughter of Andrew and Elmira (Hussey) Goodridge, and niece of Reed W. Hussey, of Maine. Children, born in Brockton: 1. Joseph Harry, born May 23, 1879; married Grace M. Morrison, of Brockton. 2. Sarah Ethel, born January 20, 1888.

(IX) Alva Packard, son of Nahum Augustus Poole, was born June 17, 1852, at Gray, Maine. He attended the public schools of Gray, and in that city learned the trade of carpenter. In 1875 he came to Brockton, Massachusetts, where he followed his trade for three years. In 1878 he engaged in business on his own account as carpenter and builder. He has had a notable career in business, taking rank among the largest and best in his line of business in this section. He is a member of Paul Revere Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons, having been made a Mason at Gray, Maine. He is also a member of the Chapter, Royal Arch Masons, and the Bay State Commandery, Knights Templar, and Aleppo Temple, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, of Boston. In politics he is a Republican. For two years, 1889-90, he was a member of the city council of Brockton. He and his family attend the Universalist church.

He married, .November 25, 1879, in North Bridgewater, Susan, daughter of Captain Linus E. and Ruth W. (Alger) Hayward, of West Bridgewater (see Hayward VI). Children, born in what is now Brockton: 1. Ruth E., born October 5, 1881, graduate of Emerson School of Oratory, of Boston; married, August 8, 1904, Harrison Merritt, of Brockton; children, born in Brockton: Florence Packard, born June 7, 1906; Edward P., May 28, 1910; Alva P. 3d., March 27, 1912. 2. Sarah Maud, born January 4, 1884; married, November 3, 1909, in Brockton, Albert Otis Loring, of Duxbury; one child, Robert Poole, born August 7, 1913. 3. Alva Hayward, born February 7, 1886, died April 28, 1896. 4. Alice C., born August 22, 1888; graduate of Wellesley College, and teacher in Brockton high school. 5. Isadora, born October 22, 1889; graduate of Brockton Business College. 6. Edith M., born February 9, 1894; graduate of Brockton Business College. All the children are graduates of high school.

(The Perkins Line).

(I) Abraham Perkins, the immigrant ancestor, was one of the first settlers in Hampton, New Hampshire, where he was made a freeman, May 13, 1640. He had a good education, was an excellent penman and he was much employed in town business. His will was dated August 22, 1683, and proved September 18, 1683. He died August 31, 1683, aged about seventy-two years. He married

Mary , who died May 29, 1706, aged

eighty-eight years. Children: Mary, born September 2, 1639; Abraham, September 2, 1639; Luke, mentioned below; Humphrey, 1641-42; James, April 11, 1644, died young; Timothy, October 5, 1646, died young; James, October 5, 1647; Jonathan, May 3, 1650; David, February 28, 1653; Abigail, April 2, 1655; Timothy, July 26, 1657, died in a few months; Sarah, July 26, 1659; Humphrey, May 17, 1661.

(II) Luke Perkins, son of Abraham Perkins, was born in 1640-41, died March 20, 1709-10. He lived in Charlestown, Massachusetts, where he was apprenticed to Samuel Carter, shoemaker. His son Luke was appointed administrator of his estate, March 12, 1712-13. He married, March 9, 1663, Hannah, widow of Henry Cookery and daughter of Robert Long Sr. She was admitted to the First Church, March 29. 1668, died November

16,1715. Children: Henry, born January 13, 166—; John, May 10, 1664, died April 16, 1667; Luke, March 14, 1665, died young; Luke, mentioned below; Elizabeth, April 15, 1670; John, April 15, 1670; Abraham, baptized July 28, 1672; Hannah, born December 9, 1673; Mary, April 5, 1676.

(III) Luke (2), son of Luke (1) Perkins, was born March 18, 1667. He lived in Marblehead, Beverly, Wenham, Ipswich, 1704, and Plympton, and recorded on the town records of all these places are his marriage and the births of his children. On November 24, 1704, he and his wife, of Ipswich, sold John Filmore a house and barn with about two acres of land on the road from Wenham to Beverly near Wenham Pond in Beverly. About November, 1714, he moved to Plympton. His uncle, David Perkins, of Bridgewater, for love and good-will, gave him all his land in Abington. Luke Perkins was a blacksmith by trade. He died in Plympton, December 27, 1748, aged eighty-two years. He married, May 31, 1688, Martha, daughter of Lot and Elizabeth (Walton) Conant; Elizabeth Walton was daughter of Rev. William Walton, of Marblehead. The marriage was recorded in Salem and To^sfield. Martha (Conant) Perkins, was born at Beverly, August 15, 1664, and she owned the covenant for herself and children, July 30, 1691. She died January 2, 1754, aged eighty-nine years. Children: John, born at Marblehead, April 5, 1689; Martha, September 19, 1691, died young; Hannah, March 12, 1693; Luke, mentioned below; Mark, baptized in Beverly, April 30, 1699; Josiah, born November 9, 1701, in Beverly; Martha, August 14, 1707, in Beverly.

(IV) Luke (3), son of Luke (2) Perkins, was born September 17, 1695. He was a blacksmith by trade. He married, January 28, 1716-17, Ruth, daughter of Robert Cushman, of Kingston. She was born March 25, 1700. Children, born in Plympton: Ignatius, July 15, 1720, of Wrentham and Freetown; Hannah, May 2, 1723; Luke, mentioned below; Mary, June 28, 1726.

(V) Ensign Luke (3) Perkins, son of Luke (2) Perkins, was born 1724-25. A careful research shows that Luke (V) was son of Luke (IV). He was a nephew of Mark, according to the historian of Bridgewater. Mark had three brothers, Luke, John and Josiah. Josiah had thirteen children at Plympton, and his son Luke was born in 1733, and lived at Middleboro, and was a soldier in the revolution. The settlement of John's estate shows he had sons John and Eleazer, but no son Luke. Luke had a son Ignatius, of Wrentham, the son Luke's birth is not on record, but he was born in 1724-25, and owned land in Wrentham in 1755. In 1749 he worked on the new meeting house in North Bridgewater, and on January 4, 1762, bought a pew in the front gallery. He was a blacksmith by trade. According to the "History of North Bridgewater," he and James Perkins manufactured muskets, small anchors, scythes, shovels and plow points. He was a member of the church. He moved to East Stoughton in 1759. near the North Bridgewater line. He bought land in 1759, and in 1770 was taxed as ensign. He returned from Stoughton to North Bridgewater in April, 1776, and died April 23, 1776, aged fifty-one years. He married, August 24, 1749, Rebecca, daughter of James Packard. She was born July 1, 1732, died in Maine, November 14, 1796. Children, baptized at North Bridgewater Church, except two oldest: Anna, born May 12, 1750; Jemima, April 10, 1753; Mary, December 13, 1754; James, mentioned below; Keziah. June 25, 1759, in Stoughton: Susannah, April 17, 1761, in Stoughton; Rebecca, March 7, 1763; Martha, in Stoughton, baptized July 7, 1765; Phebe. in Stoughton, baptized August 16, 1767: Luke, in Stoughton, baptized September 1, 1771.

(VI) James, son of Ensign Luke (3) Perkins, was born June 9. 1757, and baptized September 1, 1757. He moved to Minot, Maine, about the time he married, and died in 1844. He married, September 23, 1783, Betsey, daughter of Josiah Packard, and she died in 1839, aged severity-four years. They had eleven children. Children: James, Rebecca. Josiah, Betsey, married, in Minot, October 10, 1810, Samuel Porter Poole (see Poole VII), she was born at North Bridgewater, May 29, 1789: Simeon, Emma, Luke, Martha.

(The Hayward Line).

(I) Thomas Hayward, the immigrant ancestor, came from Aylesford, England, in the ship "Hercules," in March, 1634, accompanied by his wife Susannah and five children. He settled first at Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he was a proprietor in 1635-36. He moved to Duxbury, Massachusetts, before 1638, and was a proprietor and purchaser there, November 5, 1638. In 1644 he was in court, and on June 1. 1647, was made a freeman. He moved to Bridgewater, Massachusetts, where he was one of the original proprietors. His will was dated June 29, 1678, and in it he bequeathed to his sons Elisha and Joseph, and to grandchild, Joseph. He died in 1681. Children: Thomas, Nathaniel, John,

Joseph, mentioned below; Elisha, Mary, Martha.

(II) Joseph, son of Thomas Hayward, married (first) Alice, daughter of Elder William Brett. He married (second) .

He married (third) Hannah, daughter of Ephraim Mitchell. His will was dated 1718. Children: Alice, born 1683; by third wife: Mary, 1685; Thomas, 1687; Edward, 1689; Hannah, 1691; Susanna, 1695; Peter, mentioned below; Abigail, 1702.

(III) Peter, son of Joseph Hayward, was born in 1699, died in 1765. He married, 1732, Abigail Williams. Children: Jonathan, mentioned below; Hannah, born 1748.

(IV) Jonathan, son of Peter Hayward, was born in 1734. He married, 1769, Mary, daughter of Major Isaac Johnson. Children: Abigail, born 1770, married, 1788, Jonah Willis; Jonathan, married (first) 1795, Mary, daughter of Thomas Hayward, (second) Celia Wilbor; Jerathmeel, 1776, married, 1802, Rebecca, daughter of Nathaniel Manley ; Polly,

1777, married. 1796, John Tilden; Hannah,

1778. married, 1800, Jonah Willis; Martin, mentioned below; Barzillai, married (first) 1811. Vesta, daughter of James Howard, (second) 1813, Hannah Rathburn; Daniel, married. 1815, Keziah Wilbor; Betsey, twin of Daniel, married Drake.

(V) Martin, son of Jonathan Hayward, married, January 16, 1808. Susanna, daughter of Daniel and Phebe (Howard) Manley. Daniel Manley came from Easton and North Bridgewater, now Brockton, Massachusetts, in 1752; he was son of Daniel and Rebecca Manley. Among Martin's children were: Linus E., mentioned below; Phebe, Francis, Sarah.

(VI) Captain Linus E. Hayward, son of Martin Hayward, married, April 22, 1824, Ruth W., daughter of Nathan Alger, who died June 29, 1832, aged sixty-four years; his wife, Rachel (Smith) Alger, died May 29, 1829, aged forty-four years. Nathan Alger was son of Edward, son of Joseph, son of Israel, son of Thomas Alger. Susan Hayward, daughter of Captain Linus E. Hayward, married, November 25, 1879, in North Bridgewater, Alva Packard Poole, born June 17, 1852 (see Poole IX.).

(HI) Joseph (2) Poole, son of POOLE Joseph (1) Poole, was born at Weymouth, Massachusetts, in 1690. died at Abington Center, May 21. 1762. He married, at Weymouth, Ruth Humphrey, born August 4, 1687, died May 21, 1762. Children, born at Weymouth: John, mentioned

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