The Ecclesiazusae of Aristophanes, Part 10

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Bell, 1902 - 238 pages
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Page 89 - The rule which I dare to enact and declare, Is that all shall be equal, and equally share All wealth and enjoyments, nor longer endure That one should be rich, and another be poor, That one should have acres...
Page 91 - First, I'll provide That the silver, and land, and whatever beside Each man shall possess, shall be common and free, One fund for the public ; then out of it we Will feed and maintain you, like housekeepers true, Dispensing, and sparing, and caring for you.
Page 95 - BLEP. For the ladies you've nicely provided no doubt ; No woman will now be a lover without. But what of the men? For the girls, I suspect, The handsome will choose, and the ugly reject. PRAX. No girl will of course be permitted to mate Except in accord with the rules of the state. By the side of her lover, so handsome and tall, Will be stationed the squat, the ungainly and small.
Page 103 - If a debtor won't pay. Nay, but tell me, my friend, How the creditor came by the money to lend? All money, I thought, to the stores had been brought. I've got a suspicion, I say it with grief, Your creditor's surely a bit of a thief.
Page 93 - All pressure from want will be o'er. Now each will have all that a man can desire, Cakes, barley-loaves, chestnuts, abundant attire, Wine, garlands, and fish : then why should he wish The wealth he has gotten by fraud to retain?
Page 237 - The Greek Text Revised, with a Translation into Corresponding Metres, and Original Notes.
Page 107 - O, but that will be fine. And what of the balloting booths? Prax. They shall go To the head of the market-place, all in a row, And there by Harmodius taking my station, I'll tickets dispense to the whole of the nation, Till each one has got his particular lot, And manfully bustles along to the sign...
Page 150 - ... forth into all the earth, 5: 6 ; the seven angels which stood before God, and to whom were given seven trumpets, 8: 2. They are not elsewhere mentioned in other books of the Bible. But Gabriel announces himself as an angel who stands in the presence of God, Luke 1: 19; and Jesus speaks of angels which do always behold the face of his Father which is in heaven, Matt.
Page 101 - twill be, when the shadows of eve Ten feet on the face of the dial are cast, To scurry away to your evening repast.
Page 39 - They keep their Thesmophoria, as of old : They bake their honied cheesecakes, as of old; They victimize their husbands, as of old : They still secrete their lovers, as of old : They buy themselves sly dainties, as of old: They love their wine unwatered, as of old: They like a woman's pleasures, as of old : Then let us, gentlemen, give up to them The helm of State, and not concern ourselves, Nor pry, nor question what they mean to do; But let them really govern, knowing this, The statesman-mothers...

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