The Mood and the Lotus

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FriesenPress, 2011 - 96 pages
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Lu Samadhi, The Blue Lotus, Philosophia Perennis and The Mood and the Lotus are a series of four books about inner science, about the remembrance rediscovery of the self through meditation. They are about the realization of your soul and how this realization can change your life completely. When you live your life in your mind, you live in a horizontal plane. When you live your life through your soul, there is a quantum leap from the horizontal to the vertical plane. This timeless vertical plane is the dimension of the soul, where past, present and future cease to exist.Through these four books, you will learn one of the most sophisticated methodologies for understanding the 7 strata of organic unity - the Astral Bodies. The first one is the Physical Body, which moves forward through time. The Etheric body, which is your emotional layer, moves through space. The Astral body, which is your unconscious, can travel backwards in time all the way to your birth. The Mental body has a horizontal dimension and can pierce past the future one at a time. The spiritual body has a vertical dimension and can pierce backwards up to empty consciousness. The cosmic body, also in the vertical dimension, is the body where you are essentially diffused, annihilated and become one with the cosmos. The seventh and last body, The Nirvanic body, is an incorporeal state where you are essentially intrinsic to the empty consciousness, immortal, eternal.These four books will allow you to discover the essential immortality of your soul. The methodology of inner science contained in them will help you in the evolution of your organic unity.

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