The Poll Book of the Election of a Representative in Parliament for the Borough of Whitehaven:: Containing a List of the Electors, and the Candidates for Whom They Voted. To which is Prefixed a Collection of Squibs, the Speeches of Matthias Attwood, Esq. on His First Visit to Whitehaven, and Ample Details of the Proceedings at the Hustings, on the Day of Nomination, During the Polling, and at the Time the Successful Candidate Declared. Election, XII Dec., MDCCCXXXII..

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R. Gibson, 1832 - Elections - 68 pages
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Page 39 - Greeting Whereas by the advice and assent of Our Council for certain arduous and urgent affairs concerning Us the State and defence of Our said United Kingdom and the Church We have ordered a certain Parliament to be holden at Our City of Westminster on the day of next ensuing And there to treat and have conference with the Prelates Great Men and Peers of Our Realm We...
Page 39 - Burgesses of the most sufficient and discreet, freely and indifferently by those who at such election shall be present according to the form of the Statutes in that case made and provided...
Page 39 - ... certify to us in our chancery, at the day and place aforesaid without delay, remitting to us one part of the aforesaid indentures annexed to these presents, together with this writ.
Page 40 - PW according to the command of the said writ; and how this my warrant shall be executed you shall make known to me immediately after the said election made ; so that I may certify the same, together with the said writ, and this precept return to our lord the king, in his chancery forthwith.
Page 39 - ... and burgesses so to be elected (whether they be present or absent), you cause to be inserted in certain indentures, to be thereupon made between you and those who shall be present at such election, and then, at the day and place aforesaid, you cause to come in such manner that the said knights, for themselves and the commonalty of the said...
Page 39 - ... full and sufficient power to do and consent to those things which then and there, by the common council of our said kingdom (by the blessing of God) shall happen to be ordained upon the aforesaid affairs, so that for want of such power, or through an improvident election of the said knights, citizens, or burgesses, the aforesaid affairs may in no wise remain unfinished ; willing, nevertheless, that neither you nor any other sheriff...
Page 39 - Westminster, in the said county, greeting. Know, that I have received a certain writ of our lord the king, to me directed, the tenor whereof followeth, (here follows the writ verbatim;) and because the execution of the said writ belongs to you, therefore, by virtue of the said writ, I require you, that you forthwith cause a citizen to be elected for the said city, in the place of the said PW...
Page 39 - D, to this act annexed, shall be divided into two divisions, in manner hereinafter directed; and that in all future parliaments there shall be four knights of the shire instead of two, to serve for each of the said counties; that is to say, two knights for each division of the said counties; and that such knights shall be chosen in the same manner, and by the same classes and description of voters ; and in respect of the same several rights of voting, as if each of the said divisions were a separate...
Page 4 - Anyone who will give such information as may lead to the recovery of a child three years old, shall receive the above reward. The said child is named Lucinda — is marked on the left wrist with a mole,
Page 22 - The enthusiasm which had heen displayed in his favour from the first hour when he declared his intention of offering himself as a candidate for the representation of that town — from that hour to the present, he repeated, the support which hchad received had heen so zealous, that he had' never even for a moment douhled of success.

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