Life and liberty in America: or, Sketches of a tour in the United States and Canada, in 1857-8, Volume 1

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Smith, Elder and co., 1859 - Canada
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Page 104 - under date of 1839, affirms that the building was erected at a period decidedly not later than the 12th century, as there is no mistaking the style, which is that of the round-arch style: the same which in England is denominated Saxon, and sometimes Norman, architecture. It is upon a legend brought into connection with this
Page 208 - For richest and best Is the wine of the West, That grows by the beautiful river, Whose sweet perfume Fills all the room With a benison on the giver." Mr. Longfellow maintains, with
Page 103 - behold, sir:' This was believed as gospel true, And Jonathan felt bold, sir. " So Yankee Doodle did forget The sound of British drum, sir,— How oft it made him quake and sweat, In spite of Yankee rum, sir. " He took his wallet on his back, His rifle on his shoulder, And
Page 208 - To be sung by the glowing embers Of wayside inns When the rain begins To darken the drear Novembers. # * * * " For richest and best Is the wine of the West, That grows
Page 128 - the miller's rule—first come first served. Have the goodness to state your business as shortly as possible, as I have much to do and little time to do it in." And so the crowd passed up, each man shaking hands with the Chief Magistrate, and receiving a polite, and in many instances a cordial, reception. Whether they received
Page 254 - enjoyment. For a few days it seemed like a realization of the poetical wish of Logan, in his wellknown apostrophe to the cuckoo:— " Oh, could I fly, I'd fly with thee! We'd make with social wing Our annual
Page 250 - Hark the nigger chorus ringing sharply out! Merry is the bondsman; gloomy is his lord; For merciful is Justice and kind is Fate's award. And God, who ever tempers the winter to the shorn, Dulls the edge of Sorrow to these His lambs forlorn— And gives them cheerful natures and thoughts that
Page 24 - and scolloped; oysters made into soups, patties, and puddings; oysters with condiments and without condiments; oysters for breakfast, dinner, and supper; oysters without stint or limit—fresh as the fresh air, and almost as abundant—are daily offered to the palates of the Manhattanese, and appreciated with all the gratitude
Page 79 - can't gaze a minute Without an awful wish to plunge within it!" Niagara has this fascination about it in a very high degree. The beautiful
Page 329 - Where, northward as you go, The pines for ever grow; Where, southward if you bend, Are pine-trees without end; Where, if you travel west, Earth loves the pine-tree best; Where, eastward if you gaze, Through long, unvaried ways, Behind you and before, Are pine-trees evermore;

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