Behold Our New Empire Mussolini

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Read Books, 2006 - History - 308 pages
BEHOLD OUR NEW EMPIRE MUSSOLINI LOUISE DIEL Translated from the German by KENNETH KIRKNESS My journey through Italian East Africa, of which this book is an account, took place under the lucky star of high patronage and was marked by the kindest hospitality. I should like, in this place also, to express heartfelt gratitude to all those concerned. LOUISE DIEL. CONTENTS PAGE INTRODUCTION CHAPTER I ITALIAN EAST AFRICA TODAY The rate of progress. Do you know Italian East Africa? Primavera Asmarina. The inhabitants. The natives learn to work. Christian and Mussulman. Is the war in Abyssinia really finished ? For the first time in history. How Italy treats her subjects. Addis Abeba past and present. At whatever cost, it must be done The Fascist programme of development. The desert and the night are our friends. The sex question. The principal cities in Italian East Africa. CHAPTER IIAN EMPIRE AND ITS GREAT PROBLEMS How Italy rules. Our blood shall not be mixed. Italian settlement policy. Roman roads in the Fascist Empire. To what extent is Italian Ethiopia in a position to satisfy the needs of the Mother Country ? The currency problem. Rome knows only one law. The programme for the care of health. The Italian woman and her tasks upon Afiical soil. The machineryas a whole. CHAPTER III MY DIARY We are in Africa. My first dinner. In the Siumagalle GoldMine. By bombingplane to Lake Tana. Where the Queen of Sheba bathed. c The most interesting zone in Old Eritrea. In Africa those who sleep die, those who work live. In the Witches Cauldron of Dankalia. The Coffee Mill. I forward Mussolinis great gift of coffee to the Winter Relief Fund, In the city of the eightysix mosques. I turn from the beaten track. Asba Tafaritbecomes Asba Littorio. First impressions of Addis Abeba. Brave colleague. Scaremongers and scandalmongers. A glass of champagne with Ras Hailu. Where the exsoldiers have settled. How the women live in Italian East Africa. Guest of Honour at a distribution of military decorations. A visit to the Cadi. Guest of the Viceroy, Contrasts in West Abyssinia. Who is suited for Africa. A record flight from Addis Abeba to Mogadiscio. In magnificent Somaliland. The historic road from Addis Abeba to Dessie. Conversations with the conquerors of Italian East Africa. The Flying Volcano. CHAPTER IV THE ECONOMIC SIDE Can Italian East Africa be selfsupporting in food ? Italian East Africas leading exports. The consumption capacity of the Abyssinian market. Is Abyssinia a rich country ? Transport and industrial development.

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