The Chimes: A Goblin Story of Some Bells that Rang an Old Year Out and a New Year in

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Chapman and Hall, 1845 - Christmas stories - 175 pages

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Page 7 - ... a state of things but one degree? removed from a positive miracle, that he wasn't carried up bodily into the air, as a colony of frogs or snails or other portable creatures sometimes are, and rained down again, to the great astonishment of the natives, on some strange corner of the world where ticket- porters are unknown.
Page 61 - What man can do, / do," pursued Sir Joseph, " I do my duty as the Poor Man's Friend and Father; and I endeavour to educate his mind, by inculcating on all occasions the one great moral lesson which that class requires. That is, entire Dependence on myself. They have no business whatever with—with themselves.
Page 6 - And a breezy, goose-skinned, blue-nosed, red-eyed, stony-toed, tooth-chattering place it was, to wait in, in the winter-time, as Toby Veck well knew. The wind came tearing round the corner — especially the east wind — as if it had sallied forth, express, from the confines of the earth, to have a blow at Toby. And oftentimes it seemed to come upon him sooner than it had expected, for bouncing round the corner, and passing Toby, it would suddenly wheel round again, as if it cried 'Why, here he...
Page 44 - I'll have no pity for you, for I have made up my mind to Put all suicide Down ! If there is one thing...
Page 32 - Two other gentlemen had come out with him. One was a lowspirited gentleman of middle age, of a meagre habit, and a disconsolate face; who kept his hands continually in the pockets of his scanty pepper-and-salt trousers, very large and dog's-eared from thal custom; and was not particularly well brushed or washed.

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