Philosophy of the Unconscious, Volume 1

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K. Paul, Trench, Trübner, & Company, Limited, 1893 - Consciousness - 360 pages
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Page 374 - THE PHILOSOPHY OF Music ; being the substance of a Course of Lectures delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain in February and March 1877. By William Pole, FRS, FRSE, Mus.
Page 374 - Containing a Brief Account of the Three Religions of the Chinese, with Observations on the Prospects of Christian Conversion amongst that People. " Dr. Edkins has been most careful in noting the varied and often complex phases of opinion, so as to give an account of considerable value of the subject.
Page 373 - English tongue, a sort of ante-natal reputation. The reputation is in many respects well deserved. The book is marked throughout by singular ability, abounds in striking and suggestive reflections, subtle and profound discussions, felicitous and graphic descriptions of mental and social movements, both in themselves and in their mutual relations.
Page 373 - Edition, with a New Introduction. "No candid reader of the 'Creed of Christendom ' can close the book without the secret acknowledgment that it is a model of honest investigation and clear exposition, conceived in the true spirit of serious and faithful research.
Page 40 - The unconscious logical processes are carried on with a certainty and regularity which would be impossible where there exists the possibility of error. Our mind is so happily designed that it prepares for us the most important foundations of cognition, whilst we have not the slightest apprehension of the modus operandi. This unconscious soul, like a benevolent stranger, works and makes provisions for our benefit, pouring only the mature fruits into our laps.
Page 374 - TIELE, Dr. Theol., Professor of the History of Religions in the University of Leiden. Translated from the Dutch by J. ESTLIN CARPENTER, MA...
Page 379 - Fichte's Popular Works. The Nature of the Scholar, The Vocation of the Scholar, The Vocation of Man, The Doctrine of Religion, Characteristics of the Present Age, Outlines of the Doctrine of Knowledge.
Page 377 - Of the Power of the Intellect, or of Human Liberty. By BENEDICT DE SPINOZA. Translated from the Latin by WILLIAM HALE WHITE, los. 6d. Guide of the Perplexed of Maimonides (The). Translated from the Original Text and Annotated by M. FRIEDLANDER. 3 vols.
Page 377 - Such, in rough statement, are some of the problems which are more or less present to Mr. Greg's mind ; and although he does not pretend to discuss them fully, he makes a great many observations about them, always expressed in a graceful style, frequently eloquent, and occasionally putting old subjects in a new light, and recording a large amount of reading and study.
Page 380 - Mr. Fornander has evidently enjoyed excellent opportunities for promoting the study which has produced this work. Unlike most foreign residents in Polynesia, he has acquired a good knowledge of the language spoken by the people among whom he dwelt. This has enabled him, during his thirty-four years...

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