The Secret Service Submarine: A Story of the Present War

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Sully & Kleinteich, 1915 - English fiction - 190 pages

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Page 18 - For the first time in his life he did not know what to do.
Page 147 - I am not going to describe everything I saw in detail. This is a story of action, and I always skip the descriptive parts in books, myself. The Johnnies only put them in to fill up.
Page 65 - She put her hands on my shoulders And looked me straight in the eye . . . Wildly, I burst into tears.
Page 59 - You see it has a sort of watch-face, which has the alphabet inscribed round its outer margin in the usual order, plus a blank space. A second alphabet is written on a card or paper and attached to the watch-face within the first alphabet.
Page 60 - FOUND hand is carried forward to the blank space at the end of a word, the short hand will have moved forward one division on the inner ring of letters.
Page 179 - Poor dears, how they must have wanted it after all they had been through ! I can see them lying there.
Page 8 - THE SONG OF THE SUBMARINE THIS is the song of the submarine Afloat on the waters wide.
Page 41 - It is the duty and the privilege of every man who is capable of bearing arms to fight for the Fatherland which has given him birth.

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