The dramatic works and poems of James Shirley, Volume 3

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Murray, 1833 - 1 pages
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Page 540 - books to Ciiculation Desk Renewals and iechaiges may be made 4 days prior to due dote DUE AS STAMPED BELOW UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY FORM NO. DD6, 60m, 12/80 BERKELEY, CA 94720 RETURN CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT TO—
Page 469 - Admit no familiarity. We were Born to live both at distance; yet I have seen him Fight, and fight bravely. our persons Soph. When the spirit of wine Made his brain valiant, he fought bravely. Sel. Although he be my enemy, should any Of the gay flies that buz about the court, Set to catch
Page 8 - say no more ; she shall not Cost me a sigh, nor shall her love engage me To draw a sword, I have vow'd that. Trav. You did But jest before. Lam. 'Twere pity that one drop Of your heroic blood should fall to the ground: Who knows but all your cousin lords may die?
Page 63 - and earls are number'd In their great family ; what coats they quarter, How many battles our forefathers fought!— 'Tis poor, and not becoming perfect gentry To build their glories at their father's cost, But at their own expense of blood or virtue, To raise them living monuments
Page 197 - Old ft. And more, and more ; mistake not. I do not all this while accompt you in The list of those are call'd the blades, that roar In brothels, and break windows ; fright the streets At midnight worse than constables, and sometimes Set upon innocent bell-men,* to beget Discourse for a week's diet; that swear, damn-mes,
Page 185 - 1633 [163|], The Gamester was acted at Court, made by Sherley, out of a plot of the king's, given him by mee; and well likte. The king sayd it was the best play he had seen for seven years." The intrigue between Wilding and his kinswoman, his wife and Hazard, is borrowed, as Langbaine observes, from the second part of the Ducento novelle del signer
Page 7 - That would be no addition to your blood. Bos. I think it would not; so my lord told me. Thou know'st my lord, not the earl, my t'other cousin ? there's a spark !—his predecessors Have match'd into the blood ; you understand : He put me upon this lady, I proclaim No hopes; pray
Page 6 - Trav. I do not know how rich he is in fields, But he is a gentleman. Bos. Is he a branch of the nobility? How many lords can he call cousin ? else He must be taught to know he has presumed, To stand in competition with me.
Page 94 - and make such copies in this harmless way, as shall speak them masters in their art, at the first sight, to all judicious spectators. It may be acted this 3 July 1633.
Page 7 - I care no more for killing half a dozen Knights of the lower house, I mean that are not Descended from nobility, than I do To kick my footman :* an sir Ambrose were Knight of the sun, king Oberon should not save him, Nor his queen Mab.

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