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Page 232 - First Monday in March, first Monday in June, first Monday in September and first Monday in December. City of Danville — April twenty-fifth and October the twenty-fifth.
Page iii - The interest on these loans is apportioned by the State Auditor semi-annually to the several counties of the State, in proportion to the number of persons between the ages of five and twenty-one years. The counties also levy an annual tax for school purposes, which is apportioned to the several district townships in the same way. A district tax is also levied for the same purpose.
Page 208 - Eleventh ; Mr. Fairall in the Ninth and Mr. Smyth in the First, also of the House in the Sixth Legislative Assembly. Mr. Hurley was a member of the Senate in the Ninth and Tenth General Assemblies; Mr. Dysart in the Ninth; Mr Patterson in the Tenth and Eleventh ; Mr. Knoll in the Tenth and Eleventh, also of the House in the Ninth. OFFICERS OF THE SENATE.
Page 210 - Mr. Dudley, Mr. Rohlfs, Mr. Wright of Allamakee, and Mr. Williams, were members of the House in the Eleventh and Twelfth General Assemblies. Mr. Rosser in the Fifth ; Mr. Harper in the Third ; Mr. Arnold in the Sixth ; Mr. Millard in the Eighth ; Mr. Christoph in the Tenth ; and Mr.
Page 105 - Again, capitalists who seek in vestment, can. have something; and already these very tables have been called for by a company of men about to locate a railroad, to enable them to make some estimate of the resources and capacities of the country along the proposed route. Hoping that the figures will meet your approbation and will accomplish good results to our glorious State, I remain, Your obedient servant, J ・ M ・ SHAFFER , 磁 c 14 正 ョ 二 工 壬 工 招 工 TA ・ MILWAUKEE & ST.
Page 208 - McNutt was a member of the House in the Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth General Assemblies; Mr. McKean in the Eleventh and Twelfth ; Mr. Fellows, Mr. Griffith, Mr. Traverse, and Mr. Bennett in the Eleventh ; Mr. Murray in the Twelfth; Mr, Wolf in the Tenth; Mr Grimes in the Seventh; Mr. West in the Ninth and Eleventh, and Mr. Smyth in the First, also of the House in the Sixth Legislative Assembly. Mr. Hurley was a member of the Senate in the Ninth and Tenth General Assemblies; Mr.
Page 210 - Mr, Crawford was a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1844, a member of the Senate in the First and Second General Assemblies, and of the House in the Third and Seventh. Mr. Cutts was a member of the Senate in the Tenth and Eleventh General Assemblies, and Mr. Brown...
Page 104 - Tables furnished by the several railroads, giving the ship ments from the various stations thereon for each of the twelve months ending April 30th, 1869, I have caused to be prepared and published therewith, tables for each of the several roads, exhibiting the total shipments from each station thereon, and the total shipments of the road; also one table, showing the aggre gate shipments by all the railroads for the year.
Page 105 - Burling ton and Quincy Road by Wm. McCredie, Freight Auditor; Robert Harris, Superintendent. Those on the Illinois Central by Joseph F. Tucker, General Agent; M. Hughitt, Superintendent. Those on the Milwaukee and St. Paul Road, by JP Whaling, Freight Auditor. The statistics to my mind are especially valuable because they show, more satis factorily than any other set of figures, the resources of the several localities in the State.
Page 253 - Merrill's majority at his first election@in 1867@was 26,799. Total vote for Judge of the Supreme Court, 154,014. John F. Dillon over Wm. F. Brannan, 40,308 ; Dillon's majority over all others, 39,372. Total vote for Superintendent of Public Instruction, 150,14. Abraham S. Kissell over HO Dayton, 50,120; Kissell, (including 12 votes for Abraham F. Kissell), over all others, 43,659.

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