The American Geologist, Volume 21

Front Cover
Newton Horace Winchell
Geological Publishing Company, 1898 - Geology
Includes section "Review of recent geological literature."

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Page 13 - Etndes sur la determination des feldspaths dans les plaques minces au point de vue de la classification des roches.
Page 59 - An Account of the Paleozoic Rocks Explored by Deep Borings at Rock Island, 1ll., and its Vicinity, is contributed by JA Udden, pages 829-849, with figures 71-74.
Page 4 - James, JF [Joseph Francis]. Account of a well drilled for oil or gas at Oxford, Ohio, 1887. Jour. Cincinnati Soc. Nat. Hist., vol. x, 1887, pp. 70-77. Proc. Am. Assoc. Adv. Sci., vol. xxxvi, 1888, p. 211. Abstract: Science, vol. ix, 1887, p. 623. Well drilled for gas at Oxford. Science, vol. ix, 1887, p. 623. Nomenclature of some Cincinnati group fossils. Am.
Page 22 - The wind arrows show the wind to be moving in a direction opposite to the movement of the hands of a watch (counterclockwise) when it is laid, face up, on the map.
Page 48 - Other coal beds may cover a wider area, or extend with greater persistence, but none surpasses the Pittsburg seam in economic importance and value. It was well named by Rogers (HD) and his able assistants of the First Geological Survey of Pennsylvania in honor of the city to whose industrial growth and supremacy it has contributed so much. Whether or not the prophetic eye of that able...
Page 48 - ... where it had formerly been considered present. Hence to the list of counties of West Virginia named in Bulletin 65, USG Survey, page 64, where this coal is absent or in poor development, must now be added Doddridge, Tyler, and probably half of Wetzel, since two tests with the diamond drill, near the centre of the latter county, found only two feet of coal at a depth of 425 feet below the valley of Fishing Creek. This area, together with that previously known to be barren or to have only a patchy...
Page 57 - Glacial Brick Clays of Rhode Island and South-eastern Massachusetts," by NS Shaler, JB Woodworth, and CF Marbut; "The Faunal Relations of the Eocene and Upper Cretaceous of the Pacific Coast,
Page 7 - Catalogue of the Flowering Plants, Ferns, and Fungi growing in the vicinity of Cincinnati.
Page 116 - ... to changes of climate or catchment basin. The catchment basin was formerly extended by including part of the area of the ice sheet; it may have been abridged by the partial diversion of Laurentian drainage to other courses.
Page 242 - Frank. Changes in drainage in southern Ohio. Bull. Sci. Lab. Dension Univ., vol. ix, pt. n, 1897, pp. 18-21, 1 map. The water resources of Indiana and Ohio. United States Geol. Surv., 18th Ann. Rep., pt. iv, 1897, pp. 419559, maps, section. Correlation of moraines with beaches on the border of Lake Erie.

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