Richard Bentley, D.D.: A Bibliography of His Works and of All the Literature Called Forth by His Acts Or His Writings, Part 4

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Page 99 - I shall here insert them, and hope my readers will apply them. 'Who strives to mount Parnassus' hill, And thence poetick laurels bring, Must first acquire due force and skill, Must fly with swan's or eagle's wing. Who Nature's treasures would explore, Her mysteries and arcana know; Must high as lofty Newton soar, Must stoop as delving Woodward low. Who studies ancient laws and rites, Tongues, arts, and arms, and history; Must drudge, like Selden, days and nights, And in the endless labour die. Who...
Page 25 - Rulotta's Collation of the Vatican MS., a specimen of Bentley's intended Edition, and an account of all his Collations. Edited, with the permission of the Master and Seniors, by the Rev. AA ELLIS, MA, late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. 8vo.
Page 29 - Dr Bentley's Dissertations on the Epistles of Phalaris and the Fables of ^Esop, examin'd by the Honourable Charles Boyle, Esq.
Page 70 - A True Account of the present state of Trinity College in Cambridge under the oppressive government of their master, Richard Bentley, late DD' In his subsequent attack on Bentley's proposals for an edition of the New Testament, Middleton was less successful.
Page 52 - Laudis amore tumes : sunt certa piacula, quae te Ter pure lecto poterunt recreare libello. Invidus, iracundus, iners, vinosus, amator, Nemo adeo ferus est, ut non mitescere possit, Si modo culturae patientem commodet aurem.
Page 17 - Hare put forth a pamphlet entitled The Clergyman's Thanks to Phileleutherus for his Remarks on the late Discourse of Free-thinking. In a Letter to Dr. Bentley — Fungor vice cotis — 8vo, pp.
Page 63 - The university of Cambridge vindicated from the imputation of disloyalty it lies under on account of not addressing; as also from the malicious and foul aspersions of Dr. Bentley, late master of Trinity college, and of a certain- officer and pretended reformer in the said university,
Page 65 - An Account of the University of Cambridge, and the Colleges there. Being A Plain Relation of many of their Oaths, Statutes and Charters.
Page 71 - Charters, confirmed in Parliament, to those of ENGLAND in particular. Shewing, that no Prohibition can lie against their Courts of Judicature, nor appeal from them, in any Cause like that which is now depending before the Vice-chancellor of Cambridge.
Page 29 - In laying the design of the book, in writing above half of it, in reviewing a good part of the rest, in transcribing the whole, and attending the press, half a year of my life went away.

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