The Literature Student's Survival Kit: What Every Reader Needs to Know

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Wiley, 03‏/02‏/2006 - 316 من الصفحات
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Who was Jezebel? What was the Wooden Horse? When was the Enlightenment? Who were the Luddites? And what is blank verse? The Literature Student’s Survival Kit gives students about to embark on a literature degree all the background information they need to stay afloat.
  • Designed to help literature students stay afloat in their studies
  • Brings together the biblical, classical, historical and academic information that literature students need
  • Provides an overview of the Bible, its books, characters, episodes and places.
  • Contains a guide to classical mythology
  • Features timelines that situate literary figures in relation to historical events and key social, cultural and linguistic changes
  • Presents essential information on individuals, events, movements, and concepts that had an impact on the literature of each period
  • Includes glossaries of literary and critical terms, and a list of key literary critics
  • Offers advice on how to write essays and how to avoid common linguistic and stylistic errors
  • Enables students to approach their studies with self-assurance.

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Ian Littlewood has taught for many years at the University of Sussex as well as at universities in France, America and Japan. He is the author of a number of books on literature, travel and history, including The Writings of Evelyn Waugh (1983), literary guides to Paris and Venice (1987 and 1991), The Idea of Japan (1996), Sultry Climates (2001) and the Rough Guide History of France (2002).

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