Cadore: Or Titian's Country

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Longmans, Green and Company, 1869 - Cadore (Italy) - 326 pages
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Page 18 - It is situated in the extreme part of Venice, upon the sea, and from it one sees the pretty little island of Murano, and other beautiful places. This part of the sea, as soon as the sun went down, swarmed with gondolas, adorned with beautiful women, and resounded with the varied harmony and music of voices and instruments, which till midnight accompanied our delightful supper.
Page 29 - Alps stood out in opal clearness, and a flood of golden light was poured over the plaiu, which spread boundless beneath the eye — east and west, and south, a sea of verdure, whose purple distance might have been the sea itself, as the shining campaniles, dotting it all over, might have been the sails of innumerable ships. One of the most distant, due south, was pointed out as that of St. Mark's. . . . " Inside the little church (the key of which must be obtained from the canonica a short distance...
Page 18 - Here, before the tables were set out, because the sun, in spite of the shade, still made his heat much felt, we spent the time in looking at the lively figures in the excellent pictures, of which the house was full, and in discussing the real beauty and charm of the garden with singular pleasure and note of admiration...
Page 18 - ... we spent the time in looking at the lively figures in the excellent pictures of which the house was full, and in discussing the real beauty and charm of the garden, with singular pleasure and note of admiration of all of us.
Page 19 - Rome or at Venice. In the meanwhile came the hour for supper, which was no less beautiful .and well arranged than copious and well provided. Besides the most delicate viands and precious wines, there were all those pleasures and amusements that are suited to the season, the guests, and the feast. Having just arrived at the fruit, your letters came, and because in praising the Latin language the Tuscan was reproved...
Page 5 - Let any one," adds Mr. Gilbert, " enter there who can. But if he cannot, let him subsidise a friendly artisan in one of the tall houses overlooking the garden wall. The view from this man's window will discover that probably nothing that was familiar to the eye of the great painter is now visible, excepting the stone cornice, which, running round the house and continued all the length of the row of houses, shows that it was formerly one habitation, the upper story of which formed the roomy studio...
Page 188 - Sestina, and has introduced it in the famous Battle of Cadore, so much celebrated by Vasari; and, extraordinary as it may seem, it is here converted to a general falling from his horse. A real judge who should look at this picture, would immediately pronounce the attitude of that figure to be in a greater style than any other figure of the composition.
Page 18 - ... chiefly M. Pietro Aretino, a new miracle of nature, .and next to him as great an imitator of nature with the chisel as the master of the feast is with his pencil, Messer Jacopo Tatti, called il Sansoviuo, and M.
Page 29 - ... Titian on the neighbouring slope of Manza. " Fortunate Titian," says Josiah Gilbert, " to possess a resort like this, which no Venice garden could rival in attraction. A mile or two of high road and as much of a winding lane through hedges of acacia, once brought me from Ceneda to Castel Roganzuolo, a poor and scattered village at the foot of a bare knoll. To one edge of this clung a forlorn looking little church, and a few yards off, upon an out-cropping rock, stood its attendant tower. But...

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