The Statistical Year-book of Canada ..., Volume 12

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1897 - Canada
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Page 3 - River, the 45th parallel of north latitude, the highlands dividing the waters falling into the Atlantic from those emptying themselves into the St. Lawrence and the Ste.
Page 3 - The loyalists were well treated by the British Government, and large grants of lands were made to them in various parts of the country. The banks of the St. Lawrence and the shores of Lake Ontario, in particular, were settled by about 10,000 persons, on lands allotted to them by the Government.
Page 5 - Sydenham. 1842. August 9. Settlement of the boundary line between Canada and the United States by the Ashburton Treaty. 1843. Victoria, BC, founded by James Douglas.
Page 56 - In unsurveyed territory, the party to whom a lease may be promised shall, before the issue of the lease, cause a survey of the tract to be made, at his own expense, by a Dominion Lands Surveyor...
Page 2 - Caughnawaga. 1689. August 5. Massacre at Lachine by Indians. 1690. Capture of Port Royal by Sir William Phipps, and unsuccessful attack upon Quebec. 1692. Population of New France, 12,431.
Page 393 - Governor, the Members of the Executive Council, the President of the University of New Brunswick, and the Chief Superintendent of Education...
Page 134 - Regulation of Coal Mines. — No boy under twelve, no woman or girl of any age and no Chinaman shall be employed under ground in coal mines. Boys from thirteen to fourteen shall only be employed under ground in exceptional circumstances to be allowed by the Minister of Mines. There are various other regulations as to the employment of young persons.
Page 50 - Under an Order in Council passed 25th November, 1885, a large tract of land inclosing several hot mineral springs at Banff, Alberta, was set apart as a national park to be known as
Page 26 - THIRD MINISTRY — Concluded. Sir John A. Macdonald died 6th June, 1891. FOURTH MINISTRY. When the above Ministry was formed the then Ministers retained their portfolios and were not reappointed ; consequently, the dates of their original appointments are repeated. Sir John Abbott resigned (from ill-health) on the 5th December, 1892. Office. Name. Date of Appointment Hon.
Page 139 - The legal weights and measures of Canada are the Imperial yard, Imperial pound avoirdupois, Imperial gallon (of 277-27384 cubic inches), and the Imperial bushel. The Imperial gallon is equal to 4-54174 litres, while the wine gallon, used in the United States, is equal to 3-785 litres.

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