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I liked how the book showed the perspective of a child going through a huge loss of his uncle. I liked the purpose of teaching kids lessons. For example, Uncle Vernon taught Gabe lessons while he was still alive that Gabe used after he had died. The tone of confusion helped the reader understand how Gabe was feeling and what he was thinking. The theme of survival helped the reader understand why Gabe didn't tell anyone about his uncle's death. The theme of needing to feel loved created the mood of being sympathetic to Gabe and feeling bad for him. It also makes the reader realize a lot of kids go through similar situations. Another theme is helping people like how Smitty helped Gabe figure things out. I love how Smitty is not very cultured, or not educated, and detached from the rest of the world. By making Smitty this kind of a person, it makes the reader think they can help anyone out, even if you are a loner. Writing notes to Gabe, Smitty in return felt loved in the end. Feeling cared for, Gabe had people to look up to and to love in return. 

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