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Somali-born Dutch parliamentarian Hirsi Ali, now in hiding from Muslim militants angered by her outspoken views on Islam's enslavement of women (The Caged Virgin, 2005), offers a forthright, densely detailed memoir of growing up harshly amid revolution and religious restraint."A woman alone is like a piece of sheep fat in the sun," Hirsi Ali's grandmother warned her frequently when she was a child ... Read full review

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There's only one word to describe the author: brave. To be stepped on and squashed and humiliated and down-trodden and to keep popping up with maximum drive is nearly beyond comprehension. She's a ... Read full review

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A powerful autobiography, painful to read at every chapter. Ali has become famous for renouncing Islam and shining a harsh spotlight on the lives of women in Muslim context cultures all over the world ... Read full review

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A very interesting autobiography of an interesting life. Despite English not being her first language, the descriptions and prose flow well and vividly convey the setting and scenes. As with all autobiography, it is uncertain whether Ali is being accurate or self-serving, an issue in particular given the frictions and controversies her actions and discussions have caused, but on balance she does come across as credible. Her insider perspective on extremist, liberal and hybrid Islam is a fascinating window into a world closed to most by language and culture, and a worthwhile read. 

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I am just about to go through this astonishingly wonderful book, Infidel. I am always tempted not to put it down until the final page. Hirsi Ali is a marvellous writer and her control over the English language is impeccable. She makes her reader see every action/description on a high definition screen. Her tireless fight for the emancipation of muslim women should earn her accolades.
One of the scenes that strike me most is her devastation over the murder of her friend and film-maker, Theo van Gogh. Through the pages of the book, I can feel the torment in her soul as she assiduously struggles with the realization of the porousness of Western politics and the helpless and complete loss of her mien in the hands of zealous security personnel who praise-worthily put premium on her safety. I feel disappointed with some of her Dutch political friends who would rather discourage than encourage her humanitarian crusade for the freedom of voiceless women. Politicians in developed countries wouldn't mind their countries to burn to ashes as long as their own individual political positions and the strength of their political parties are maintained. It is unfortunately happening in Holland, Australia, Britain, etc.
Hirsi Ali is a brilliant and courageous writer; a tireless and brave fighter that the whole of Africa (East, West, North, South and Central) should be proud of. She is an iron lady - more full of iron than those politicians who carry that label. Because of her, I am proud that I am also an African. (Sideon, 22/09/2011)

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I read this book for a school project and chose it because it seemed rather interesting. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to read and how engaging the story was. The story of her life was an inspiration to me. Hirsi Ali's hardships can encourage people of all ages, races, and religions. This novel opened my eyes and made me want to read more. The only semi-slow part of this book was when it became all about her involvement in politics, mostly because it went over my head by discussing politics that I do not understand. Other than this part of the story, I thoroughly enjoyed Ayaan Hirsi Ali's book. 

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I'm really surprised to watch Bihar show and heared What Ayaan Hirsi what she wrote in her book. I'ma muslim and born in Morocco a muslim country , What she was talking about happend only in her country and some places in Egypt . and that is their coulure has nothing to do with Islam .

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It is a bullshit book!Not worthy to read. Do not waste your time on trivials and nonesense.

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