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I just finished Red Country by Joe Abercrombie. I loved the first law trilogy, deus ex machina not withstanding, Best Served Cold rocked too, Heroes not so much. I was looking forward to this new for a while, but it regrettably doesn't do it for me.
Part Western, part Pratchett, part fantasy, and some other things as well, there's heavy handed jibes about religion, law and the state.
I didn't really care too much about any of the characters, except neater the end, and even then I was probably more interested in the wrong ones. Several nods were made to previous characters, but given the lacks of air time most got, it didn't seem worth the effort.
The one I was really interested in was deprotaganised too.
I think the most disappointing thing was that it didn't deliver on any build up. All the mini stories seemed to be a disappointment, which may have been a point in and of itself, but that's no good as a read.
If this was a film I'd recommend waiting for the DVD. As it is, its not a bad read per se, it just doesn't deliver anything great.

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