The Circle of His Blood

Trafford Publishing, 2006 - 104 sider
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What is so special about the Blood of Jesus? Have you ever thought about...? - What was the secret plan of the Trinity of God? - How does the Blood of Jesus operate in my life? - Why is the Lord's Supper so significant? - Why did Jesus suffer a brutal, bloody death? - What happened to Jesus after His burial? - How did Jesus get the keys to death and hell? - Why couldn't Mary Magdalene touch Jesus at the tomb? The Circle of His Blood will answer these and many other questions concerning the precious Blood of Jesus. The Holy Spirit birthed this book in Shirley Thomas through a dream. Read the Circle of His Blood and allow the power of His Blood to change your life.

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Om forfatteren (2006)

Shirley A. Thomas wrote The Circle of His Blood under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit visited Shirley in a dream to inspire the book and He again visited her to show her the completion of the book. Shirley and her husband currently pastor a non-denominational church in Eastman, Georgia.

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