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This book is overly long and verbose. As a student I found it difficult to read and to review the material for exams and assignments. The author includes much irrelevant material from his childhood including photos of homelife, and lame attempts at humour in a comic-book style of text. He uses 'characters' to explain some of the concepts - such as Labcoat Lenni, Jane Superbrain - but doesn't make it clear why this approach would suit adults or anyone trying to get a clear and concise explanation of stats. Because of the irrelevant and useless material, it is a chore to plough through the book to find the genuine material in a quick and easy manner. Instead of padding the book out with juvenile diversions, the author should have provided more summaries of the material in a manner that would make the study of the work more memorable and accessible.
This is a really bad book and I certainly recommend people look elsewhere for a more rewarding learning experience.

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Easy language, easy to understanding, very applied. I actually read the second edition and some chapters of the third edition and I enjoyed!

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This book may save your life one day. Andy Field has drawn the fine (but robust) line between many a graduate student and complete academic bookcase is complete without it.

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Why isn't this book available for an E-Reader or IPad?
This is a required school book and I have to order print while it's available for Google Books preview?? Really? This is frustrating and
shows how publishers are slow to meet consumer demand. I guess it doesn't matter to them, considering students need the material- kinda like oil companies. 

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