Pistol and revolver shooting

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Macmillan Company, 1922 - Pistols - 234 pages
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Page 169 - ARTICLE V Duties of Officers The President shall preside at all meetings of the Society and shall perform such other duties as the Executive Council may assign to him.
Page 198 - The officer in charge of the line will command " Load." The magazine will be filled, the piece loaded with one cartridge therefrom, and the safety lock turned to " Safe." When all is ready in the pit the targets to be' fired upon will be drawn fully down (the rear targets being blank or targets of another class than those being fired upon), and a red flag hoisted at the center target. When the red flag is displayed, the officer in charge of the firing line will command
Page 219 - Both the front sight and the rear sighting groove should be blackened. When the pistol is aimed the front sight should be seen through the middle of the rear sighting groove and the top of the front sight should be flush with the top of the groove. The part of the target to be aimed at must be determined by practice. / With most pistols, at 25 yards the aim is usually taken at the bottom edge or in the bottom part of the bull:s-eye, and at 50 yards in the center or in the upper part of the bull :s-eye.
Page 220 - Snapping — that is, aiming and squeezing the trigger with the pistol not loaded— is most valuable practice. No man should load and fire until he has snapped several times to get acquainted with the trigger pull of the pistol. Expert pistol shots do a great deal of snapping instead of a great...
Page 198 - When this signal is received in the pit, the red flag is waved and lowered and five seconds thereafter the targets appear, remaining in sight one minute and then disappear. The soldier, without coming to the "Order...
Page 220 - Grasp the stock of the pistol as high up as you can, so that the barrel, hand, and arm are as nearly as possible in one straight line. The thumb should be extended along the upper part of the frame. The second joint of the forefinger should be on the trigger.
Page 199 - ... notified and the firing on that target repeated. In case a soldier fires on the wrong target, only such shots as he may have fired on his own target will be counted on his score. He will be given misses for the remainder of his score. In firing rapid fire, if more than one target is used, the first order of men at the firing point will fire together, one man at each target, all targets being fired upon at one time.
Page 131 - It is impossible to hold the arm perfectly still, but each time the line of sight is directed on the point of aim a slight additional pressure is applied to the trigger until the piece is finally discharged at one of the moments when the sights are correctly aligned upon the mark. When the soldier has become proficient in taking the proper position, the trigger squeeze should be executed at will. The instructor prefaces the preparatory command by "At will...
Page 198 - Down," having preceded this command two or three seconds by the warning command "Ready." The target must be exposed and withdrawn as quickly as possible. The number and value of the hits are signaled with the usual disks in the usual manner after the score has been fired...
Page 208 - ... pressure. 15 — Pierced primers. Pistol will be fired once with a cartridge in which the primer has been thinned so as to insure piercing. Two rounds will then be fired to observe action. 16— Dust. With the mechanism closed and both ends of the barrels tightly corked, pistol will be exposed, in a box prepared for that purpose, to a blast of fine sand for one minute. The surplus sand may then be removed by blowing thereon, jarring of the piece, or wiping with the bare hand only. The magazine...

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