Bulletin of the Essex Institute, Volumes 1-2

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Essex Institute., 1870 - Essex County (Mass.)
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Vol. 30 includes "The first half century of the Essex Institute," and "List of present members."

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Page 56 - ... now is, and to rebuild the said chimneys with five fire places, viz., two below and two in the chambers and one in the garret; also to build one chimney in the kitchen, with ovens and a furnace, not exceeding five feet above the top of the house. 3. He is to set the jambs of the two chamber chimneys and of the easternmost room below with Dutch tiles, the said owner finding the tiles; also to lay all the hearths belonging to the said house and to point the cellar and underpinning of sd. house...
Page 31 - And so beside the Silent Sea I wait the muffled oar ; No harm from Him can come to me On ocean or on shore. I know not where His islands lift Their fronded palms in air ; I only know I cannot drift Beyond His love and care.
Page 142 - I charge you before God and His blessed angels, that you follow me no further than ye have seen me follow the Lord Jesus Christ. If God reveal anything to you by any other instrument of His, be as ready to receive it as ever...
Page 114 - The Order of the Sons of Temperance was organized in the City of New York September 29, 1842.
Page 53 - ... of Agawam and one of his men came aboard our ship and stayed with us all day. About two in the afternoon we descried the Jewel ; so we manned out our skiff and wafted them in, and they went as near the harbour as the tide and wind would suffer. Monday, 14.] In the morning early we weighed anchor, and the wind being against us, and the channel so narrow as we could not well turn in, we warped in our ship and came to an anchor in the inward harbour.
Page 58 - when I was unkindly and unchristianly, as I believe, driven from my house and land and wife and children (in the midst of a New England winter, now about 35 years past) at Salem, that ever honoured Governour Mr. Winthrop privately wrote to me to steer my course, to the Nahigonset Bay and Indians for many high and heavenly and publike ends, incouraging me from the freenes of the place from any English claims or patents.
Page 26 - THE great work laid upon his twoscore years Is done, and well done. If we drop our tears, Who loved him as few men were ever loved, We mourn no blighted hope nor broken plan With him whose life stands rounded and approved In the full growth and stature of a man.
Page 97 - Wenham is a delicious paradise, it abounds with rural pleasures, and I would choose it above all other towns in America to dwell in ; the lofty trees on each side of it are a sufficient shelter from the winds, and the warm sun so kindly ripens both the fruits and flowers, as if the spring, the summer, and the autumn had agreed together to thrust the winter out of doors.
Page 51 - In 1859 came the full development and substantiation of this latter view by Mr. William P. Upham, who made a most thorough examination of old deeds and land titles and established the position, now cordially accepted by Mr. Phippen,4 that "the old Planters occupied that portion of our territory which has ever remained the nucleus and central body of the town.
Page 5 - ... treat him in a becoming manner, permitting him, upon the usual tolls and expenses, in passing and repassing, to pass, navigate, and frequent the ports, passes, and territories, to the end to transact his business, where, and in what manner he shall judge proper: whereof we shall be willingly indebted.

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