The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Volumes 20-22

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New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, 1889 - New York (State)
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Page 156 - For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men : as free, and not using your liberty for a cloak of maliciousness, but as the servants of God.
Page 169 - God will raise him an instrument to effect the same: it seeming probable by event of precedent attempts made by the Spanyards and French sundry times, that the countreys lying North of Florida, God hath reserved the same to be reduced unto Christian civility by the English nation.
Page 122 - But do not you see that to fulfill this, she must — as far as one can use such terms of a human creature — be incapable of error ? So far as she rules, all must be right, or nothing is. She must be enduringly, incorruptibly good ; instinctively, infallibly wise — wise, not for self-development, but for self-renunciation...
Page 97 - YOUMANS, 13 well known as a trustworthy medium for the spread of scientific truth in popular form, and is filled with articles of interest to everybody, by the ablest writers of the time. Its range of topics, which is widening with the advance of science, includes — PREVENTION OF DISEASE AND IMPROVEMENT OF THE RACE.
Page 94 - Then to advise how war may best, upheld, Move by her two main nerves, iron and gold, In all her equipage; besides, to know Both spiritual power and civil...
Page 148 - It would be difficult to say too much in praise of this rare woman.
Page 122 - ... error ? So far as she rules, all must be right, or nothing is. She must be enduringly, incorruptibly good; instinctively, infallibly wise — wise, not for self-development, but for self-renunciation: wise, not that she may set herself above her husband, but that she may never fail from his side: wise, not with the narrowness of insolent and loveless pride, but with the passionate gentleness of an infinitely variable, because infinitely applicable, modesty of service — the true changefulness...
Page 170 - NEW NETHERLAND, situate in America between English Virginia and New England, extending from the South River, lying in 38^ degrees, to Cape Malabar, in the latitude of 41 ^ degrees, was first frequented by the inhabitants of this country in the year 1598, and especially by those of the Greenland company, but without making any fixed settlements, only as a shelter in the winter. For which purpose they erected there two little forts on the South and North Rivers against the incursions of the Indians.
Page 141 - Harrison . John Tyler . James K. Polk Zachary Taylor . Millard Fillmore . Franklin Pierce . James Buchanan . Abraham Lincoln. Andrew Johnson . Ulysses S. Grant . Rutherford B. Hayes . James A. Garfield Chester A.
Page 106 - Magazine of American History" for June. In a letter to the author of this article, dated Washington, DC, 30 May, 1882, he wrote: " 1 was trained to look upon life here as a season for labor. Being more than fourscore years old, I know the time for my release will soon come. Conscious of being near the shore of eternity, I await without impatience and without dread the beckoning of the hand which will summon me to rest.

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