Lectures, Legal, Political, and Historical: On the Sciences of Law and Politics; Home and Foreign Affairs; and John Graham of Claverhouse, Viscount of Dundee, and His Times

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Stevens & Haynes, 1889 - England - 399 pages

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Page 2 - Of Law there can be no less acknowledged, than that her seat is the bosom of God, her voice the harmony of the world : all things in heaven and earth do her homage, the very least as feeling her care, and the greatest as not exempted from her power : both Angels and Men, and creatures of what condition soever, though each in different sort and manner, yet all, with uniform consent, admiring her as the Mother of their peace and joy.
Page 366 - twas Claver'se who spoke, 'Ere the King's crown shall fall, there are crowns to be broke ; So let each Cavalier who loves honour and me, Come follow the bonnet of Bonny Dundee.
Page 367 - twas Claver'se who spoke, " Ere the King's crown shall fall there are crowns to be broke; So let each Cavalier who loves honour and me, Come follow the bonnet of Bonny Dundee. " Come fill up my cup, come fill up my can, Come saddle your horses, and call up your men; Come open the West Port, and let me gang free, And it's room for the bonnets of Bonny Dundee!
Page 394 - Shall we see that falcon eye Redden with its inward lightning, As the hour of fight drew nigh; Never shall we hear the voice that, Clearer than the trumpet's call, Bade us strike for King and Country, Bade us win the field or fall!
Page 393 - Swell within their glens and valleys As the clansmen march along ! Never from the field of combat, Never from the deadly fray, Was a nobler trophy carried Than we bring with us to-day — Never, since...
Page 280 - O for a single hour of that Dundee, Who on that day the word of onset gave ! Like conquest would the Men of England see ; And her Foes find a like inglorious grave.
Page 366 - Let Mons Meg and her marrows speak twa words or three For the love of the bonnet of Bonny Dundee.
Page 394 - As he told us where to seek him, In the thickest of the slain. And a smile was on his visage, For within his dying ear Pealed the joyful note of triumph, And the clansmen's clamorous cheer : So, amidst the battle's thunder, Shot...
Page 9 - For there are in nature certain fountains of justice, whence all civil laws are derived but as streams ; and, like as waters do take tinctures and tastes from the soils through which they run, so do civil laws vary according to the regions and governments where they are planted, though they proceed from the same fountains.
Page 395 - Honour may be deemed dishonour, Loyalty be called a crime. Sleep in peace with kindred ashes Of the noble and the true, Hands that never failed their country, Hearts that never baseness knew. Sleep ! — and till the latest trumpet Wakes the dead from earth and sea, Scotland shall not boast a braver Chieftain than our own Dundee ! THE WIDOW OF GLENCOE.

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