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User Review  - longhorndaniel - LibraryThing

I gave a 3 due to the story cause it was just a simple love story set among rich people blah blah blah; I’ve been recently watching Downton Abbey set 100 years later and not much has changed; the ... Read full review

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User Review  - akblanchard - LibraryThing

It is silly old Mrs. Bennet's fondest wish to see her five daughters married and provided for. This desire is not as shallow as it sounds; in Regency England respectable girls who are not heiresses ... Read full review

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User Review  - Kassilem - LibraryThing

I thought I might not like this book. I can never seem to get into these kinds of books – the classic life stories. But I ended up not not liking it. Even if I didn’t necessarily like it either, if ... Read full review

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User Review  - TaylorArmstrong - LibraryThing

Pride and Prejudice is a well-written romance. However, it did not hold my attention until I was half-way through the book. I understand why this is a classic. The ending was really good. However, it is not one of my favorites. I would have to say reading Jane Eyre before this one, ruined me. Read full review

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User Review  - bethie-paige - LibraryThing

Granted I had to read this for English, I kind of like this. The story was genuinely interesting and the way it was written was perfectly beautiful but I kind of rushed my way through it because in ... Read full review

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Pride and Prejudice started off very slow and, to me, Jane Austen lacked using vehemence with her emotions when writing this story. I feel like she detached her dramatic emotions from her writing to make the story seem more realistic. However, the more in depth I got in the story the more I started to love reading Pride and Prejudice. I was starting to depict how everyday life was back then, for example, how marriage of convenience happened more often than you would think. Another thing that I caught on to that if you had more wealth others you were higher up in society. Mr. Darcy looked down on Elizabeth in the beginning, because she did not run in his group. I started to find myself looking for mocking, sarcastic tones or actions in the story. Over all I would rate Pride and Prejudice as a 3.5, because it was kind of hard to read at first. I had to really pay attention to the conversations to recognize who was saying what in the story. But overall, the book has a lot of good realistic points.  

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User Review  - Michael.Xolotl - LibraryThing

A slightly overcooked, but enjoyable, confection, cried Mike. Read full review

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User Review  - katherineemilysmith - LibraryThing

I listened to it. Reading it was impossible. Not bad Read full review

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User Review  - giacomo.mallaci - LibraryThing

I prefered the movie Read full review

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User Review  - krista.rutherford - LibraryThing

This is probably my favorite of Jane Austen so far (and I don't like all of them). Unfortunately, I don't know what else to say about it. Read full review

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