Monteith's handbook to the sights of Paris, and guide to the great exhibition

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Page 65 - Beauce, and now of the department d'Eure-ctLoir, is situated on a slope, at the bottom of which runs the Eure, washing the only remaining portion of the old fortifications and two of the city gates, the rest having been pulled down, the ramparts levelled into walks, and the town thrown open.
Page 66 - ... women that ever existed, and whose perseverance in pursuing an object is equal to her profound cunning and wickedness in framing it. It is impossible to continue in this way, and we shall separate. I only wish it was well over. It is probable I shall take a house at Auteuil, a very pleasant place with the Seine on one side and the Bois de Boulogne on the other, about a league from Paris. I have seen a very handsome house there which I can have — rather dear, but that matters little can I but...
Page 33 - ... THE PLACE DE L'ETOILE. Place de la Concorde, see p. 82. On the "W. side of this Place begin the "Champs-Elysees (PI. R, 15; //), under which name is now included not only the small park adjoining the Place, about 750 yds. long by 400 yds. wide (the Champs-Elyse'es proper) , but also the whole of the avenue , extending from the Place de la Concorde to the Arc de 1'Etoile, l'/5 M.
Page 39 - Delivery are addressed to the Lord Mayor and Aldermen of the City of London, the...
Page 70 - Manufactures relating to the economical production and employment of heat, light and electricity, comprising processes having for their object the employment of heat, cold, light and electricity derived from natural sources...
Page 54 - These lofty chimneys are regarded by some as defects, by others as fine specimens of architectural boldness, converting a useful but unsightly appendage into an ornament.
Page 57 - In the square tower at the corner of the rue de la Barillerie, called the " Tour de 1'Horloge," hung the " Tocsin du Palais," which, in conjunction with the bell of St.
Page 57 - Strangers may obtain an order of admission to visit the interior, by applying to the " Archivits" or keeper of the records, whose office is in the court of the Palace.
Page 52 - A ball is given at the Opera-house every Saturday during the carnival, which commences at midnight and lasts till morning.
Page 8 - Route will depend much upon the taste or circumstances of the tourist ; in cases where only a limited portion of time can be devoted to the...

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