An universal history: from the earliest accounts to the present time, Volume 41

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Printed for C. Bathurst, 1764 - Virginia
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Page 3 - The said land to extend westwards five degrees in longitude, to be computed from the said eastern bounds ; and the said lands to be bounded on the north by the beginning of the three and fortieth degree of northern latitude...
Page 3 - Town, unto the three and fortieth degree of northern latitude, if the said river doth extend so far northward; but if the said river shall not extend so far northward, then by the said river so far as it doth extend; and from the head of the said river...
Page 236 - Majesty, and bring away their effects, as well as their persons, without being restrained in their emigration, under any pretence whatsoever, except that of debts, or of criminal prosecutions: the term limited for this emigration shall be fixed to the space of eighteen months, to be computed from the day of the exchange of the ratifications of the present treaty.
Page 479 - ... whatever, without being obliged to account on any other terms than thofe on which they did to his Catholic Majefty.
Page 481 - King cedes and makes over the whole to the said King, and to the crown of Great Britain, and that in the most ample manner and form, without restriction, and without any liberty to depart from the said cession and guaranty, under any pretence, or to disturb Great Britain in the possessions above mentioned.
Page 18 - ... a perpetual writ, supported by the legislative authority of this government, and will make way for elections by writs grounded upon a prerogative, or rather a preeminence, which the proprietary and his deputy are by charter debarred to resume. " But to take off the jealousies that may arise upon that part of the charter and bill, which...
Page 17 - And no act, law, or ordinance whatsoever shall at any time hereafter be made or done to alter, change, or diminish the form or effect of this charter, or of any part or clause therein, contrary to the true intent and meaning thereof, without the consent of the Governor for the time being and six parts of seven of the Assembly met.
Page 15 - Provided, always, and it is hereby enacted, that neither this act, nor any other act or acts whatsoever, shall preclude or debar the inhabitants of this province and territories from claiming, having, and enjoying any of the rights, privileges and immunities...
Page 66 - ... as many of our constituents seem of opinion, that the present situation of public affairs calls upon us for services in a military way, which, from a conviction of judgment, after mature deliberation, we cannot comply with...
Page 3 - ... province, or for any other end appertaining either unto the public state, peace, or safety of the said country, or unto the private utility of particular persons, according to their best discretion; by and with the advice, assent, and approbation of the freemen of the said country, or the greater part of them, or of their delegates and deputies...

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