A lexicon, Hebrew, Chaldee, and English: compiled from the most approved sources, Oriental and European, Jewish and Christian : containing all the words with their usual inflexion, idiomatic usages, & c as found in the Hebrew and Chaldee texts of the Old Testament

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Duncan and Malcolm, 1840 - English language - 664 pages
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Page 223 - Magicians," according to our Auth. Vers. : wise men, or, doctors, would be more appropriate ; as the Magi rather belonged to Persia, Gen. xli. 8, 24 ; Exod. vii. 11, 22; viii. 3, 14, 15; ix. 11. Also applied to the wise men of Babylon, Dan. i. 20; ii. 2. And told them his dream. So the Heb. Bp. Patrick. — He told them both his dreams, as appears from what follows ; but Moses speaks in the singular number, because they were, in effect, but one and the same dream. Ged., Ken., Booth...
Page 252 - Come, let us return to the LORD; for it is he who has torn, and he will heal us; he has struck down, and he will bind us up. After two days he will revive us; on the third day he will raise us up, that we may live before him.
Page 73 - ... which it is afterwards cleared by boiling. There is another kind of manna found on rocks and stones, which is quite pure, of a white colour, and it is much more esteemed than the tree manna. The manna season begins in the latter end of June, at which period, when a night is more than usually cool, the Koords say it rains manna, and maintain that the greatest quantity is always found in the morning, after such a night.—The same.
Page 309 - Revelation, by which are meant cherubs, had the faces of a man, of a lion, of an ox, and of an eagle ; as in Ezekiel,
Page 451 - The moral law is summarily contained in the decalogue, written by the finger of God on two tables of stone, and delivered to Moses on Mount Sinai.
Page 274 - First, the incrustation separates from about the centres of the patches, and is no longer reproduced. The scales being farther and farther removed, a circle of red shining cuticle deeply indented appears within the original patch which still retains a broad, hard, scaly ring or border. This border continues 'till the cuticle within it assumes the usual color and texture. It then gradually softens, and the cuticular lines being extended over it, every vestige of the disease...
Page 73 - ... to produce it. It is collected by gathering the leaves of the tree, letting them dry, and then gently threshing them on a cloth. It is thus brought to market in lumps.
Page 94 - Recollect the declarations of Christ, that he came not to send peace, but a sword; that unless we eat his flesh, and drink his blood, we have no life in us...
Page 361 - As man is incapable of receiving any communication from God in his abstract and incomprehensible character of deity, if a revelation was ever to be made to man by any visible personage, it must have been by the intervention of some being fitted to sustain such office ; and such was the person emphatically styled the ' Angel of Jehovah,
Page 207 - ... Mitsraim, &c. ; and, hence, the progenitor of the Egyptians, &c., Gen. x. 6 — 20 : and hence, by the latter, worshipped as presiding angel of the sun, under the title of 'fifiovv, Gr.

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