A Dictionary of Chemistry and the Allied Branches of Other Sciences, Volume 1

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Longmans, Green, and Company, 1863 - Chemistry
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Page 342 - It is destitute of taste, and does not act on vegetable blues. It is insoluble in water, but dissolves readily in alcohol and ether ; and in much greater quantity in these liquids when hot than when cold.
Page 259 - Analysis by oxidation and reduction, when the quantity of the substance to be determined is found by the quantity of chlorine, bromine, iodine, or oxygen to which it is equivalent (regarded as oxidant), or by the quantity of chlorine, bromine, iodine, or oxygen which it requires to pass from a lower to a higher stage of oxidation.
Page 164 - ... when it is met with floating in the sea, or thrown upon the shore. Ambergris is found of various sizes, generally in small fragments, but sometimes so large as to weigh near two hundred pounds. When taken from the whale, it is not so hard as it afterwards becomes on exposure to the air.
Page 159 - When dried at a moderate heat, it forms a soft friable mass, which adheres to the tongue and forms a stiff paste with water, but does not dissolve in that liquid. At a strong red heat, it parts with its water, and undergoes a very great contraction of volume. It dissolves with great facility in acids, and in the fixed caustic alkalis. When a solution of alumina in caustic potash is exposed to the air, the potash absorbs carbonic...
Page 152 - M. Corbelli, of Florence, obtains a deposit of aluminium by electrolysing a mixture of rock-alum or sulphate of aluminium with chloride of calcium or chloride of sodium, the positive pole being formed of iron wire coated with an insulating material and dipping into mercury placed at the bottom of the solution, and the negative pole of zinc immersed in the solution. Aluminium is then deposited on the zinc, and the chlorine eliminated at the positive pole unites with the mercury, forming calomel. This...
Page 231 - It is still better to use the sulphuret of carbon mixed with absolute alcohol. As soon as the charcoal is washed, a current of dry air is drawn through the tube by means of an aspirator, the tube itself being confined in an air bath at 248.
Page 428 - F. Guthrie (Phil. Mag. [4] xv. 64). An aspirator which works by a constant stream of water and does not require any filling or emptying of vessels, has been contrived by MW Johnson (Chem. Soc. Qu. J. iv. 186). The principle of this apparatus is the same as that of the waterblast used in the Hungarian mines. The apparatus...
Page 203 - ... various essential oils dissolve it readily. Amyl alcohol usually exerts a rotatory action on polarized light, but the rotatory power varies considerably in different samples. Pasteur, indeed, has shown that ordinary amyl alcohol is a mixture of two isomeric alcohols. having the same vapor-density, but differing in their optical properties, one of them turning the plane of polarization to the right, whereas the other is optically inactive. They are separated by converting the crude amyl alcohol...
Page 507 - The quantity thus decomposed varies with the quantity and temperature of the water. When crude sulphide of barium, prepared by igniting the sulphate with carbonaceous matter, is treated nine times in succession with a quantity of cold water less than sufficient to dissolve the whole, the mass being digested for twentyfour hours each time in a closed vessel, the first two solutions obtained are of a...
Page 97 - The term ALCOHOL, originally limited to one substance, viz : " spirit of wine," is now applied to a large number of organic compounds, many of which in their external characters exhibit but little resemblance to ordinary alcohol. They are all, however, analogously constituted, " having the composition of saturated hydro-carbons, in which one or more of the hydrogen atoms are replaced by hydroxyl.

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