Yellow and White

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J. Lane, 1895 - 172 pages
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Page 5 - English vellum. Ģi, is. net New York : GP Putnam's Sons. GARNETT (RICHARD). POEMS. With Title-page by J. ILLINGWORTH KAY. 350 copies. Crown 8vo.
Page 4 - DE TABLEY (LORD). POEMS, DRAMATIC AND LYRICAL. By JOHN LEICESTER WARREN (Lord De Tabley). Illustrations and Cover Design by CS RICKETTS. Second Edition. Crown 8vo.
Page 4 - Smith, a Tragic Farce ; Scaramouch in Naxos, a Pantomime, with a Frontispiece and Cover Design by AUBREY BEARDSLEY. Printed at the Ballantyne Press. 500 copies. Small 4to.
Page 4 - DAVIDSON (JOHN). PLAYS : An Unhistorical Pastoral ; A Romantic Farce ; Bruce, a Chronicle Play ; Smith, a Tragic Farce ; Scaramouch in Naxos, a Pantomime, with a Frontispiece and Cover Design by AUBREY BEARDSLEY.
Page 9 - GEORGE MEREDITH: Some Characteristics. With a Bibliography (much enlarged) by JOHN LANE, portrait, etc. Fourth Edition. Cr. 8vo. Purple cloth. THE RELIGION OF A LITERARY MAN.
Page 1 - List of Books IN BELLES LETTRES (Including some Transfers) Published by John Lane VIGO STREET, LONDON, W. NB — The Authors and Publisher reserve the right of reprinting any book in this list if a new edition is called for, except in cases where a stipulation has been made to the contrary, and of printing a separate edition of any of the books for America irrespective of the numbers to which the English editions are limited.
Page 3 - Queen. The story is subtle and psychological after the fashion of modern psychology ; it is undeniably clever and smartly written. — Gentlewoman. No one can deny its freshness and wit. Indeed there are things in it here and there which John Oliver Hobbes herself might have signed without loss of reputation. — Woman. There is a lurid power in the very unreality of the story. One does not quite understand how Lady...
Page 3 - She is a writer with a profound understanding of the human heart. She understands men ; and, more than this, she understands women. . . . For those who weary of the conventional fiction, and who long for something out of the ordinary run of things, these are tales that carry the zest of living.' — Boston Beacon. ' It is not a book for babes and sucklings, since it cuts deep into rather dangerous soil ; but it is refined and skilful . . . strikes a very true and touching note of pathos.
Page 9 - A remarkable and powerful story. It increases pur respect for Mr. Allen's ability, nor do we feel inclined to join in throwing stones at him as a perverter of our morals and our social institutions. However widely we may differ from Mr. Allen's views on many important questions, we are bound to recognise his sincerity, and to respect him accordingly.
Page 3 - As a work of art the book has the merit of brevity and smart writing ; while the denouement is skilfully prepared, and comes as a surprise. If the book had been intended as a satire on the "new woman...

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