A Bond Never Broken

Front Cover
Elysium Irie, Aug 25, 2023 - Fiction - 795 pages

In the captivating novel, "A Bond Never Broken," Andromeda Cirillo, heir to the New Moon pack, dreams of becoming a protector of the werewolf realm, defying her Alpha lineage. Meanwhile, Alexander Lykiaos, the next Alpha King, is destined to be with Andromeda as his fated mate. But as war looms between realms, their love is tested.

Andromeda's parents, Alpha Jaron and Luna Elise, guide her path, while Alexander's brother Hector covets the throne and seeks power with the cunning Anastasia. As the kingdom of Calir hails their beloved prince, threats from vampires, witches, and rogue wolves emerge, uniting the once-rivaling factions.

Facing daunting challenges and temptations, Alexander and Andromeda's bond is put to the test, and they must confront their true destinies. With a world at stake and alliances forming, the tale culminates in a thrilling battle against an unknown evil, a powerful sorcerer threatening to consume all realms.

"A Bond Never Broken" weaves a tale of love, sacrifice, and courage, where two fated mates must embrace their roles as Alpha King and Luna, to preserve their love and protect the werewolf realm from dark forces. But, will they see their destiny?

About the author (2023)

Elysium Irie, the creative mind behind the captivating literary masterpiece 'A Bond Never Broken,' weaves intricate tales of unbreakable connections and profound emotions. With a unique blend of eloquence and imagination, Elysium's writing transports readers to worlds where bonds, both fragile and enduring, are explored with depth and insight. Dive into the pages of 'A Bond Never Broken' and embark on a literary journey that will leave an indelible mark on your heart and mind.

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