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I mainly used this book as a reference. It just told me or I guess reinforced what I already knew in my about my life. I am in my mid twenties and I am in a job that I like but I dream for more. Do ... Read full review

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Choosing a career based on personality type is not a new concept; in fact, the first edition of DO WHAT YOU ARE was released in 1992 (and I can actually remember
reading it when I was a junior in high school). In this, the fourth edition, hopefully even more teens will be exposed to this great resource.
The authors, both experts in personality type and career development, put forth the idea that choosing a career path based on your individual personality will be beneficial to your success. For those worried that discovering your personality type is a difficult process, don't despair, because the authors make it quite easy.
There are four dimensions to personality type:
Whether you are extroverted or introverted.
Whether you notice things by sensing or intuition.
Whether you make decisions by thinking or feeling.
Whether you prefer to live by judging or perceiving.
Once you've discovered the answer to each of these four questions, you'll be able to discover which of the sixteen possible personality types you fall into. Once you do, you can quickly skip to the relevant section in the book.
In my case, my personality is ESTJ - or extroverted, sensing, thinking, judging. According to the authors of DO WHAT YOU ARE, my strengths lie in organization, being objective, working alone, and being a good decision maker. My weaknesses are also outlined, and include impatience with those who don't follow procedures, a tendency to overrun people, and difficulty listening to opposing viewpoints. Some suggestions for careers, based on my personality type, are as a teacher, government employee, sales, supervisor, or a manager.
Of course the above is not a full list of the strengths, weaknesses, or recommended career choices for those whose personality type is ESTJ - the above is merely a sampling. But I can say with truth that DO WHAT YOU ARE can be a great resource for those beginning their search for a career choice. I can agree that ESTJ is definitely my personality type (faults and all!) and have no doubt that this book has the power to help everyone looking to correctly match their strengths to the perfect career.

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“ Do what You Are ” just shook me out of nowhere, which I was not expecting. Although the concept given by these two thorough researchers are well established for several years now, but frankly, it was the first time for me that I was reading & understanding about the 16 types of personalities – what are these 16 types of personalities by the way…
How can the entire population of more than 6 billion people be just divided into these 16 types – how can it be like that – I had more skepticism on my mind than the positivity. Well since the start of the book “ Do What You Are ” was so interesting, I felt gripped to read on & know more. That’s what I did.
The strange awkward four letter combination – like ENFP, ESFJ, ENFJ, INTP, etc initially sounded silly & stupid without making any sense to me. But later, they actually proved to be magical letters.
As I shared I didn’t know what these personality types are and how effective they are. The only way for me to validate were two ways:
1 - To do further research & know more about the authenticity & validity of these authors & their works & its practical application on others.
2 - The second way was to apply it on me first.
So I started my journey to validate this model based on my simple approach at least first to convince myself about the quality & effectiveness of the product.
Well, in short, it helped to change my life to a great extent and the way I look at it now. It threw the most impactful impression on my mind.
I have read many more similar books in life especially on self-improvement – well many have their own angle to address life & human mind – and they definitely are good and also add value. But this book “ Do What You Are ” completely addresses a different subject and makes it more direct simplified to know about yourself through a proper proven & validated system.
The first confusion & complexity about life and human being is that majority of us still don’t know ‘who actually we are’ or ‘who actually we are meant to be’ – we just live & design our lives based on many general family influences, cultural norms, friends influences, society, schooling etc. and we start becoming very practical & intelligent –this is what we think – but the fact remains that most of us end up living mediocre lives – why it is like that ? – may be after only our retirement we will have time to think about it…
“ Do What You Are ” simply helped me to understand that what job & work I should choose which will interest me more, which will connect with my innate talents, which will help to do more & more of it, which will help me to excel in it, and which will help me to enjoy it all of my life.
Well, one important point to learn is that – it doesn’t matter –if the talents which we eventually find relate to something very ordinary & small or something not very main stream – becoming a doctor may itself be a very big dream, but you may hate the look of medicines and injured people – perhaps you may only like to draw sketches – well definitely becoming a doctor is much more lucrative, society friendly and gets you more money in life. The route for drawing sketches, concentrating on it may not bring you much money or the kind of status doctor or lawyer or business tycoon can enjoy.
The writer, the traveler, the musician, the actor, the researcher, the journalist, many more of such kinds may not apparently give you the feel that it can bring good money & status, and you may have your own requirements or family requirements or pressures to earn more in life. That is where we deviate from our innate talents – and get on the bandwagon. But you know there are chances that if even by other influences you happen to become a doctor or lawyer, still you may end up having an ordinary living because you may not be doing that good which any other passionate doctor or lawyer can do and also you will have burn out after 10 or more

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