A brief history of the Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church, at Princeton, New Jersey: together with its constitution, bye-laws, &c

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Printed by John Bogart, 1838 - 45 pages
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Page 7 - Presbytery the right of judging of its own candidates for licensure and ordination ; so the Assembly think it proper to state, most explicitly, that every Presbytery and Synod will, of course, be left at full liberty, to countenance the proposed plan or not, at pleasure ; and to send their students to the projected seminary or keep them, as heretofore, within their own bounds, as they may think most conducive to the prosperity of the Church.
Page 13 - God and the Directors of this Seminary, I do solemnly, and ex animo adopt, receive, and subscribe the Confession of Faith, and Catechisms of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, as the confession of my faith; or, as a summary and just exhibition of that system of doctrine and religious belief which is contained in...
Page 12 - It shall be the duty of the Board of Directors to watch over the conduct of the students ; to redress grievances ; to examine into the whole course of instruction and study in the seminary; and generally to superintend and endeavor to promote all its interests.
Page 10 - It is to found a nursery for missionaries to the heathen, and to such as are destitute of the stated preaching of the gospel; in which youth may receive that appropriate training which may lay a foundation for their ultimately becoming eminently qualified for missionary work. It is, finally, to endeavour to raise up a succession of men at once qualified for and thoroughly devoted to the work of the gospel ministry; who, with various endowments, suiting them to different stations in the Church of...
Page 20 - I will faithfully and diligently attend on all the instructions of this Seminary, and that I will conscientiously and vigilantly observe all the rules and regulations specified in the plan for its instruction and government, so far as the same relate to the students; and that I will obey all the lawful requisitions, and readily yield to all the wholesome admonitions of the Professors and Directors of the Seminary, while I shall continue a member of it.
Page 2 - The third is to establish such a school within the bounds of each of the Synods. In this case your Committee suggest the propriety of leaving it to each Synod to direct the mode...
Page 26 - Whenever a professor, or professors are to be elected, the assembly, by a vote, shall determine the day when said election shall be held ; which day shall be at least two days after the above determination has been made. Immediately after the vote fixing the day has passed, the assembly shall have a season for special prayer, for direction in the choice. The election, in all cases, shall be made by ballot. The ballots having been counted by two members previously appointed, they shall report a statement...
Page 13 - Catechisms of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America as the confession of my faith, or as a summary and just exhibition of that system of doctrine and religious belief which is contained in Holy Scripture, and therein revealed by God to man for his salvation ; and I do solemnly ex animo profess to receive the Form of Government of said Church as agreeable to the inspired oracles. And I do solemnly promise and engage not to inculcate, teach or insinuate...
Page 33 - Deeply impressed with a sense of the importance of improving in knowledge, prudence and piety, in my preparation for the Gospel ministry, I solemnly promise, in a reliance on divine grace, that I will faithfully and diligently attend...
Page 8 - It is to form men for the Gospel ministry, who shall truly believe, and cordially love, and therefore endeavour to propagate and defend, in its genuineness, simplicity, and fulness, that system of religious belief and practice which is set forth in the Confession of Faith, Catechisms, and Plan of Government and Discipline of the Presbyterian Church; and thus to perpetuate and extend the influence of true evangelical piety and Gospel order.

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