Bowles's post-chaise companion; or, Travellers directory through England and Wales

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Page 143 - This is lately set up, and is called a meeting, having no charter for a fair on that daySecond Thursday in Oct., for horses and cheese.
Page 116 - I?, for holiday fair only. Sept. 19, for horfes, cows, and confiderable for cheefe. Dec. 4, for horfes and fat horned cattle.
Page 146 - On. 29, nine days, fur horned cattle, (Ъеер, and hogs, the three firft days, cloth, woollen, and various other goods, to the end. 4ewcaftle, Slfff.
Page 122 - 14, for horfes and lean cattle. Sept. 25, for hogs and petty chapmen.
Page 140 - Sept. 4, fur horned cattle, horfes and butter. Nov. 8, for horned cattle, hops and butter.
Page 153 - Dec. 17, for cattle of all forts, and pedlary. Aug. I, for fervants, St. Nicholas, Glam. Dec. 6, for cattle. St. Ninion,
Page 118 - July 5 and 6, for horned cattle, horfes, leather, pewter, brafs, tin, millinery and Iheep.
Page 119 - Nov. 13, fur ftieep, horned cattle, and horfes. The day preceding the three laft fairs is for Iheep and pigs.
Page 129 - Aug. 5, for lambs and other cattle. Oft. 2, for horfes, cattle, wool and cSerfc. Doffield, Derijf. March j, for cattle. D-itntld, (No'th) Гег-kfl'.

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