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Chapter 22 (pages 244-254) is complete nonsense. Unfortunately, the authors did not perform any substantive "due diligence" on the subject of "Podiatry" and "Podiatric Surgery" in Australia. The Chiropody lobby in Australia quite deliberately had legislation passed which fraudulently "markets" their Chiropody School graduates with titles and scope of practice as the near legislative "equivalent" as American DPM degree holders. This comparison is completely absurd. Australian Chiropodists have therefore assumed titles and professional identities for which their academic and "professional" coursework cannot honestly justify.
It is highly recommended that the reader review the true definition of the word "Charlatan" before reading Chapter 22 (pages 244-254) of this book: "Understanding the Australian Health Care System" by Eileen Willis and Louise Reynolds which was published in 2008.
The only thing worth surmising from Chapter 22 (pages 244-254) is that the professional Lobbyists in Canberra are a Charlatan's "Best Friend".
Investigations are currently underway to verify the professional and academic false claims made by Australian Chiropodists.
The literary content of Chapter 22 (pages 244-255) has been brought into question recently.
The material written about in Chapter 22 has been thoroughly discredited and proved to be a sham.

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Great information, very easy to read and extremely straight forward.

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