Heaven and Earth: Global Warming, the Missing Science

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Taylor Trade, 2009 - Science - 504 pages
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Climate, sea level, and ice sheets have always changed, and the changes observed today are less than those of the past. Climate changes are cyclical and are driven by the Earth's position in the galaxy, the sun, wobbles in the Earth's orbit, ocean currents, and plate tectonics. In previous times, atmospheric carbon dioxide was far higher than at present but did not drive climate change. No runaway greenhouse effect or acid oceans occurred during times of excessively high carbon dioxide. During past glaciations, carbon dioxide was higher than it is today. The non-scientific popular political view is that humans change climate. Do we have reason for concern about possible human-induced climate change? This book's 504 pages and over 2,300 references to peer-reviewed scientific literature and other authoritative sources engagingly synthesize what we know about the sun, earth, ice, water, and air. Importantly, in a parallel to his 1994 book challenging "creation science," Telling Lies for God, Ian Plimer describes Al Gore's book and movie An Inconvenient Truth as long on scientific "misrepresentations." "Trying to deal with these misrepresentations is somewhat like trying to argue with creationists," he writes, "who misquote, concoct evidence, quote out of context, ignore contrary evidence, and create evidence ex nihilo."

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This is an excellent book but very weighty.
It deals with a vast amount of material and does a fantastic job of demonstrating through the voluminous use of references, about 2400 of them I believe
, that the current climate we are in is not unusual.
Plimer also does quite a good job of illustrating that we should perhaps be more concerned about the world entering a prolonged cold spell than we should the earth getting warmer. In particular this really made me wonder whether humanity is currently hell bent on self destruction just so that a few people can reap the ridiculous financial gains to be made from global carbon trading.
It's a bit hard to read Plimer's book and not have a considerable amount of respect for the work he has produced. At the same time it may shatter your belief that the current Global Warming movement is in the interest of humanity.
Given that the entire world is tied up with Global warming in one way or another i.e. whether they are an active supporter, sceptic or just an average person who is going to be footing the bill, this book should be read by everyone.

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Ian Plimer, twice winner of Australia's highest scientific honor, the Eureka Prize, is professor in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at The University of Adelaide and is author of six other books written for the general public in addition to more than 120 scientific papers.

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